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Name: Ezekiel Gallagher

Age: 23

Birthplace: Ireland

Birthday: November 12th

Ability: Muscle Memory- the ability to be able to analyze the muscle movement of others and duplicate these actions. This occurs on two levels of memory, 'short-termed' to reproduce actions purely on sight and 'long-termed' where a maximum of four actions are able to be drawn from memory and reproduced on field. However, long-term memory requires these movements to be repeatedly reproduced (at least four times) in order to remember them.
Draw Backs: Since Muscle Memory allows the user to reproduce a muscle action perfectly without any training the muscles used are highly at risk of damage for not being trained and built up to producing said actions. This puts the user at risk to rip a muscle, pull a ligament or obtain a cramp. In addition constant stress to the muscle to a repetitive action can force a quicker lactic acid build up and muscle deterioration that would ultimately cripple the user. Hence, consistent muscle maintenance is required so that the muscles are able to take on heavy stress.

Strengths: He is very optimistic in difficult situations, is good at analyzing the actions of the people around him, is physically fit (even when drinking) and is friendly enough to make friends with a lot of people.

Weaknesses: He can only copy other actions on sight, he can only remember four different actions off by heart and must forget one in order to remember a new one, he will get a cramp or serious injuries if he pulls off a difficult action while unfit and if he were to use his ability and exert his body to much, he could create a lot of lactic acid in his body and die.

Weapons: His fists, his legs and his eyes for observation.

Class: Brawler

Partner: None yet

Likes: Showing off his skills, having a good time, making friends, playing pranks, playing card games or anything involving hand skills, meeting pretty women and barbeque ribs.

Dislikes: Rude people, not being able to show off his abilities, gambling, killing or fighting for pleasure, killing in general and eating liver.

Personality: Ezekiel usually comes across as a rather silly, playful, reckless, easily distracted, a prankster and a showoff, but he is actually a very kind and understanding person deep down. He has a philosophy of treating people the way you’d want to be treated so he is usually very help and good-natured towards the people he meets, though he can still complain and get cheeky whenever he feels that something is unfair. In battle, he is very optimistic and stubborn and never knows when to quit on a mission, even if it seems bleak for him; he would sometimes even resort to throwing his body at a person being attacked in order to protect them for a fatal blow, good or not. Though he was brought up on fighting, he doesn’t actually fight anyone unless he feels there’s no other way to so his problem; he would much rather have a good time with the people around him if anything. The only time where he will get serious and in-control of the situation is when the people around him are being hurt, and he will also refuse to kill his opponents because he believes no one deserves something like that.

History: The childhood of Ezekiel Gallagher was not the life of Richie Rich, his father was having a hard time finding a steady job and was addicted to gambling, blowing all of his money on bets, his mother was working as a waitress and making barely enough for them to keep an apartment for themselves and his older brother Quinn, a gender bender, was working as a prostitute in order to help pay for the bills as well. Most of the money they had went to paying for food and bills as well as sending Ezekiel to school, and it didn’t seem like things were getting better for the Gallagher family.
One day, however, Ezekiel (now 9 years old) was watching Enter the Dragon on TV and really wanted to do some of Bruce Lee’s moves, this is when his Muscle Memory ability activated for the first time. He was now able to analyze Bruce’s actions and could accurately do all the flips, kicks and punches himself. His father caught Ezekiel doing these moves and thought that he had potential as a fighter; so he entered Ezekiel in a children’s fighting tournament, to earn some money for living expenses, and he managed to swipe through the contest with ease (mostly by copying his opponent’s moves or using moves he learnt off TV) and win the grand prize with his family by his side, then his father thought that why he would just stop with the grand prize, and what if he were to make these fights for money more exciting?
Since Ezekiel had proven himself to be able to defend himself well enough, his father decided to take him into the underground fighting ring and gamble on Ezekiel to win. He was able to full most of his opponents on his fight night, but he managed to beat all opponents who stood in his way by using their actions against them and using moves that he copied from other fighters. He managed to win the fights he was put in and his father made a fair amount of money from his betting so things were finally looking up for him financially. This process continued for a long time between the two, it mostly happened for so long because his father kept losing money on some nights so he had to come back and keep winning, Ezekiel had to train his body over the years so he could be fit enough to pull off some tricky moves, and the two still had to keep this underground fighting a secret from their family all the while.
When Ezekiel was 23, his mother and Quinn had finally found out about the underground fighting and gambling that Ezekiel and his father had been doing for the past 16 years. She was very disappointed in them not only for making them worried sick every night or wasting all their money on betting or lying to them for 16 years, but that Ezekiel was made to fight and use his gift for immoral reasons; she said that one should fight for greater cause and to protect yourself or the people around you, and that if you fighting for financial gain or for sport, those men don’t deserve to be beaten like Ezekiel did to them in the ring. This speech really affected Ezekiel and made him begin to question his values, had all the fighting that he had been doing all these years really worth it? But despite this, the father and Ezekiel still went to one more match, but Ezekiel didn’t have the same fighting spirit that he had normally in the ring, he was too busy thinking about his mother’s speech. Unfortunately, this was also making Ezekiel lose his attention in the game as his opponent was beating him on. Then when Ezekiel finally started fighting back and was close to beating him to death, he stopped and looked into his opponents eyes; there was fear in his eyes that made Ezekiel realize that he really didn’t deserve to death, nor did anyone else for that matter, so he just stood up and let his opponent faint from the exhaustion from the fight. As the crowd cheered from his victory, all Ezekiel did was leave the arena, ignoring everything else around him and ran straight into his changing room to be alone. Meanwhile, in the crowd, a man with shaggy brown hair and facial hair called 04 had been watching Ezekiel in the fight because he had some spare time off work, and he found what Ezekiel did really interesting and wanted to learn a bit more about him.
Meanwhile in the changing room, his father was talking to Ezekiel about what happened in the match and why he was so distracted at the beginning, mad that he nearly lost him his money. Ezekiel was mad at his father, thinking more about money than his own son’s safety; he said that fighting for money is something that he couldn’t do anymore and that he would rather use his abilities for the greater good. This is when 04 stepped in and said how much he enjoyed the show and noted that he knew about his ability. Ezekiel and his father were surprised that he was able to guess that, as no one else has been able to. 04 also stated that he overheard Ezekiel talking about using his ability for the greater good and that he might be able to help with that; he stated that he was part of a secret organization that is designed to instill world peace and that he wanted Ezekiel to join them as an agent, to be able to train himself to use his skills properly. His father protested the idea at first, thinking that he couldn’t gamble on fights anymore with Ezekiel gone. But then Ezekiel told his father that they already had enough money to help them survive and that he should finally try and get over his long gambling addiction, saying that it would make mom proud; he also said not to worry about him, that he was a strong man and that he had to see what other options there were out there for him. His father then smiled at his son and agreed to let him go, on the condition that he makes sure that his family was safe from the agency and that Ezekiel could say goodbye. So the next morning, Ezekiel said goodbye to his mother, Quinn and his father, both him and his father apologizing to the two for hurting them so much, and he finally got his things and left Ireland with 04, ready to start out his new life of using his ability for bringing tranquility to the world.

Extra Notes: Ezekiel has a strong Irish accent, being from Ireland and all, sort of like Roy from The IT Crowd. XD