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Don't be fooled by that smile, he will destroy your life if he wants to.

Ethan is the Earth Ambassador on Extraterrestial relationships, and a very powerful candidate for the Earth's presidency. Young, charismatic and handsome, he is made for leadership and takes advantage of his perks.

He is in good relationships with the Agents, not only because of his business, but because his protegee, Mi, is an Agent herself, something that makes the politician nervous from time to time.

Ethan used to be part of Hac-Tao's Pack, with Nijima, Mathew, and Oren, his current bodyguard; and was the member with the task to mantain Hac in a good mood, pleased and social.

Oren was also Ethan's lover before the werewolf broke up with him abruptly, something that the politician seems to have forgiven, since he accepted his ex as his bodyguard years later.

  • Is a shapeshifter, but stoped using his powers years ago, so he is very rusty.
  • Can sing like a rockstar, and play the guitar.
  • Is a masochist and hates it.
  • Never got a grade less than an A+.
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