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Enyo commission by miha mimiko kyattuha-d3fadtl (2).png

Enyo is a demon, a rank 3 villain, of whom not much is known. Her appearence shows that of a young female with a schoolgirl uniform which she seems to wear at all times. It's unkown what the reason of this is, but it gives us a rather innocent view on her. Which is a rather wrong one.

Her personality is unpredictable and unstable, at one point she will seem like a polite girl and the other moment she can turn into a bloodloving maniac who will stab you with her sword. She dislikes people who are loud and rude and is willing to let someone go walking when they are able to talk with "pretty words" and talk themselves out of it. She also sees the world black and white, you either have "bad blood" or "good blood". So you're either dead or alive.

Enyo is capable of control over blood. She has been seen to cause peopple a near heart-attack, changing bloodflow and turning blood into subjects to attack someone. She is also able to control the temperature of ones blood, Limitely enhance stamina, strength and speed and give herself more blood. [MORE TO COME OAO]