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Emily A. Lancaster A-GENT 123

//A-GENT// 123 (Ciento Viente y Tres)

Name: Emily A. Lancaster

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Class: Spy

Birthday: October 2nd, 1992

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 120lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue (Yellow if Alex is in control)

Weapon: Anything / Lazor lipstick

Personality: 123 has two seemingly different personalities. Most days she's sweet, affectionate and bubbly. Then there are those days. On those days 123 is serious, irritable, and snarky. Do NOT piss her off on those days.

Ability: Hyper- Felxability

She is hyper-flexible meaning that she is able to contort herself into awkward and strange positions only feeling a minimal discomfort if its a crazy pretzel sort of thing, otherwise its rather painless.

History: She was born in London. Her parents have been repressed from her memory after they shipped her to an institute for having two seemingly different personalities. At the institute, she gained few friends, and there received her stuffed rabbit, Troisième. (Not depicted). At said institute, the girls were instructed in dance, and she fell in love with it.

Over the years, Emily found out that the institution was actually a brothel as well, and that one day one of the patrons was going to pay to have her virtue.

When Emily and her friends tried to escape, they were caught and were made as examples for the rest of the people in the institution. The master spared Emily, letting the deaths of her friends hang heavy in her heart and consciousness.

Emily threw herself into her dancing to forget the pain, and became exceptionally well at it; getting to the point where she could possibly be a prima-ballerina.
The master of the institute thought she could go places, both outside the institute and inside his pants. So when he tried to touch her, she clawed and fought her way out, eventually stabbing him several times with her nail file, and setting the institution on fire without any hint of remorse with a Molotov cocktail.

Then Uno found her and brought her to the base...


- Has been diagnosed with DID and Bi-Polar disorder

- Since coming to the agency she experimented with many hair colors. Has remained a blonde with pink and purple streaks

- Practices ballet (or any other form of dance) down random empty hallways

- Loves baking, especially cupcakes.

- Likes it when people make food for her. Especially when it's 109 or 195.

- LOVES italian food

- Possessed by a Demon


01: 123 adores the man. She loves him and thinks of him as her father. Made cupcakes for him once that gave her the nickname 'Par' from him.

02: Doesn't know him all that much, but thinks he is perfect for 01. Rescued a baby from 01 once for him with the help of some other Agents.

03: Went on a mission with her once. Long ago. Respects her as a leader.

04: 123 calls him a tiger. Why? He growled at her. She is afraid/ confused/ hates/ and a whole bunch of other things that make her even more confused. She likes him because he's dedicated to his job, and taught her to play Jenga, but she hates him since he took the drawing 50 made of him as a tiger.

06: Thinks he is the most amazing boss ever! Loves him since he's so nice and polite and awesome!

10 (current) : Likes her. Thinks she's funny, and cool. Respects her.

49: MOMMY~! Loves 49 unconditionally. Loves the woman. Wants to be like her when she grows up. She doesn't mind her attention and affection, craves it really, having been deprived for it for 13 years.

50: OMG Awesome sauce person! She finds Del rather hilarious and fun to be around. Had a slight misunderstanding with her, due to 131, but they made up. Got her first kiss from Del.

54: Superior 54. Respects the man a lot, even if she interferes with his love life without him knowing. She admires his bravery and work ethic. And his pretty. Of course. Loves that he and 195 are together. She finds it sweet.

60: Doesn't like. He's right up there with 66 and 77.

66: SLASHER! OMG GO DIE! Well...that's some days. There are those rare days that they do get along, but over all she doesn't like him. He's a CREEP!

69: Awesome. She thinks Trist is totally amazing and all kinds of badass.

70: Pervert. Doesn't like his flirty-ness, but thinks he's nice besides that.

77: She gets along well with him, but started disliking him when he called her stupid, and when 210 told her to date him.

88: Thinks he's alright. He feeds her, and almost beat up 66. He's cool in her book.

78: Awesome Spy boss too! Admires her as a Superior and as a woman. Would call her SPY Mommy but it would be too strange for both of them.

96: Thinks she's bubbly and cute, wants to get to know her better.

99: Perfect for teacher. Thinks she's super sweet and nice. Adore~

109: TEACHER! 123's teacher in self-defense. She likes the man and his amazing cooking. She thinks he and 99 would be so cute together.

110: 123 considers her a sister and loves her like one. She wants to make her a little more girly, but loves her as is. She makes her cake.

117: Her baking teacher. Calls him Lio the Awesome at his request. She thinks he's funny as hell.

131: Thinks Libby is awesome and a good friend, and wants to feed Kilk to Alex for hurting her.

134: Her confidant when it comes to matters concerning 04. She's the one who told her that 04 was a tiger.

139: Gay friend. Thinks him as cute and adorable. Thinks he and Vickie are cute.

148: Wants to give the guy a serious makeover. He needs it, both on the looks and the attitude.

188: Finds her strange but pretty cool because of her powers. Thinks she could do better than 216.

194: She likes 194. Finds him cute and adorable, and nice, and cute, and a good spy, and cute.

195: OMG BESTEST PERSON IN THE WORLD! Loves 195, regardless if he was an enemy or not. He is all kinds of amazing, and likes his cooking the best.

204: One of the people 123 looks out for. She thinks the girl is cute but worries about her.

208: Newest spy. Finds him cute and interesting, but worries about his addiction to cake.

210: 123 likes the little girl, finds her spunky and easy to talk to. Doesn't like that she thinks she should date 77 though.

212: SASSY GAY FRIEND~ No but seriously. He is. He makes sure she doesn't escape from the medibay and is one of the few that is immune to her cute. He helped her redecorate her room and make it FABULOUS~

Alex: 123's inner demon, quite literally. They have been together for 13 years.