"The world is full of penises and I DO NOT WANT!"

Former Agent 04 (Cuatro) was the best pilot the Agency had, not only because of his skill, but because of his natural way of flying any plane or thing that could get him into the air (If it flies, or has a vagina (or in some special cases, an asshole), he will ride it.).

Also, Cuatro was well known for another thing...he was Mr. 04 the womanizer, the guy who would check out EVERY woman he crosses paths with. Blonde, brunette, skinny, fat, white, black, Chinese....whatever, he LOVED the ladies, and it showed.

His Powers:

04's power resides in his 'shield' or as some call it, 'second skin', this invisible cover, protected him of any type of damage. Described as hitting a wall, 04's shield could resist contact with lava, a direct missile hit or even...a nuclear bomb.

Also, it could change it's shape, allowing him to carry things, use it as extra limbs or weapons, cover other Agents from damage, and even use little parts of it as bullets.

However, this cover also alienated him from the world, taking away 80% of his air, light, sense of touch or doing annoying things like burning his food, his water etc...This was maybe, the reason why Cuatro loves sex, his shield would get sensitive and aroused when he is in middle of the act, so he was actually able to FEEL things, but as anything good abused too much, the fourth agent got addicted to it, and to his pills, his alcohol and his adrenaline.


Former 04 was one of those agents who has been around since before Uno took over the ONE's position. He was just 4 years old when his powers started showing, and was tested weekly to see if they could develop into something more useful. He got to meet Uno, Dos and Tres during this time, wile he was a test subject, and was still very thankful to the current leader for giving him a father figure he could trust until his dying day.

Born in the Bronx, New York, in a very poor family with no father present, Emill(Cuatro's civil name) never liked to be around them much. His four brothers where thieves (and too old to look for him), his mother was a prostitute, and his normal friends, if not in the Agency, were a band of motorcycle punks called 'THE SCORPIONS'.

Cuatro got most of his way of speaking from this band, as his love for speed, his ability to open locks, and his tendency to fire guns before asking questions. He was just a test subject for the Agents back there, so he had to return to his normal life after the analysis were done, something that annoyed him greatly every time.

Origins of The Shield:

When he was 17, Emill was informed that his position as a 'Scorpion' had ended; he had started a relationship with the Leader's little sister, getting her pregnant. This wasn’t liked by his Leader friend, so he ordered the band to not only kick Emill's ass, but to deliver the final message with a bullet on 04's head.

Cuatro never really knew why he was being punished, as they never told him about his son, but when he was half dead and looked up to see the barrel of a gun pointing directly between his eyes...he didn’t care for the reasons, or the speech he could use to get another opportunity...there was not other chance, he was going to die.

The bullet, however, bounced back to one of his 'friends head, as the 'shield' started to cover his body, wanting to protect him from death, witch not only consisted on giving him a second skin, but to grab all the guys surrounding him and detach their limbs one by one.

Early Agency days:

Emill was taken into the Agency after this, not only because his shield was scared and killing anyone who dared to get close, but because he was a more interesting subject now, as the old number ONE explained it.

Soon, when he turned 18, Uno took the leader's position and made Cuatro an Agent Trainee, with the number 204 and sent him to SYPI for training and inside work mission, which supposed acting like a 13 years old student as his cover. This act and the fact that he liked going to school could be the reason why Agent 04 acts more like a teenager than an adult.

However, even when he gained control of the shield over the years, Cuatro's body is still traped inside, and the second skin uses to get very unstable sometimes, destroying whatever is around in a 400 meter radius. This got Agent 02 to work into drugs that could restraint Agent 04's powers and give him 'peace of mind'. As a result, Emill had more drugs in his system that those he can remember about.

Agent 04:

Cuatro was 28 years old and Agent 04, he liked being nice to trainees and to protect those in need, like a 'hero'. He tought of Uno as his father (Even when he does not know he IS his biological father.), and was very close to Dos and in some ways, to Tres (ways like violent, bloody buttsex).

His very best friends, Agent 193, Agent 94 and 45 are now dead, something that devastated 04 inside, his bad luck with relationships looking like a bad joke already. And not only with friendship, but too with love, as RED CODE Agent, Xu died recently, she being the woman Cuatro loved.

Even after this, Emill kept a cheerful attitude, countering every sad experience with a smile and a good fuck.

His last days:

Agent 04 was 29 years old when he fell in love for the second time, and with a man no less, Agent 39 went from being a friend to the very most important person Emill had in his life. By getting over his homophobic feelings and accepting his bisexuality, 04 started a relationship with this redheaded agent, leaving a life of unloyal company for what one could call "True Love".

After 03's treachery, 04 tried to fill the assassin's place by protecting the Agents by double, feeling he owed them, feeling that he needed to give the example, to cheer up everyone.

Unfortunately, the same way of thinking that ruled his life, ruled his death, and wile protecting both Agent 39, Ion and 39's parents, 04 gave his life in the name of what he called 'justice'.

  • Hated Japanese food.
  • Had a 11 years old son called Dallas.
  • Was homophobic, even when he is starting to go into BI direction.
  • Agent Uno was his hero.
  • Fought with Hanz a lot. A LOT.
  • His eyes were bicolor. One is green and the other is blue.
  • Had a Scorpion tattoo burned with acid on his right arm.
  • Could tentacle rape everyone.
  • His only best friend still alive is Sir Gawain.
  • Liked Agent 49 a lot, A LOT.
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