A-gents Wiki


A small organization inside the Agency made of women (though they do posess one male member).

Background: Not an officially group, it started with agent 42, often nicknamed DIVA, with her proud behaviour and her good look, the persons looking like her got – unconsciously or not – included in the now DIVASQUAD. To be part of it, the agent must be very good-looking, strong-willed or very stubborn. In a nutshell, a diva.
The DIVASQUAD is considered to be the female version of the Broforce, although they are much more controlled and much, much more fashionable than the Broforce. The two opposing forces have not met on the field of honor yet, although it is widely accepted that sooner or later, these two great forces will clash and only one will come out on top. We are only capable of speculation as to who that may be.