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"I am tired of never being nobody's Number ONE!"

Once a recognized professor, Dietrich Hoges is now a wealthy lord that usually keeps neutral about Agent's business. However, his past relationship with Rheos and Ryonell has come to surface, and so, the professor has been forced to leave his normal and peaceful life.

As Dietrich himself admited, he was a very rancorous and was tired of being always the second in everything he tried to accomplish. Seduced by Ryonell's promise of power, he acceded to be his host as the lord's soul regained his health. Dietrich became, for one entire year, Ryonell's body, and his watcher, as he was mostly awake when his counterpart was sleep.

Ryonell transformed Dietrich, he showed him how to train the body, how to study magic and how to be able to manipulate the people to never think lowly of him again. The professor entered a world where the strong ruled over the weak, and where power was absolute; However, Rheos appearance changed a lot of Dietrich's priorities. The warrior was Ryonell's lover, and as such, Dietrich was forced to be part of a wierd and intimate relationship he wasnt prepared to be in. The result was the professor falling in love with Rheos, and making Ryonell's existance inside him a very important part of his own.

When the lord was 'killed', something that Dietrich helped with, he became aware that he could never be alone again, and took a part of Ryonell's soul for himself, this part was later transformed into Nellias, who Dietrich raised as his son.

The part of soul inside of Dietrich is the most important and powerfull out of all the known ones, maybe because he received it from Ryonell himself when the man was still alive.

Dietrich is torn between his love for his son and his love for Rheos, wich tortures him greatly. However, after becoming aware of the options he had and getting some extra help, he decided to protect his son, even if that means fighting the man he loves.

His current 'relationship' with Agent 52 proves to be one full of teasing, both in the psysical and mental department. Dietrich, however, instead of hating this or getting tired, enjoys the simple and silent deal between him and his ´lady´, liking the friendly tension between them.

  • Knows Ryonell and Rheos VERY well.
  • Is 40 years old, has white hair and uses glasses.
  • Has a big black dog named Conejo.
  • Rheos has instructed both 51 and 99 to protect Dietrich.
  • "Poor Dietrich" is a common phrase.