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Rank/Name: 194 (Derek Lark) Ciento noventa y cuatro

Class: Spy

Weapon: Hand guns, knives, wire, assorted bombs (smoke/knock out ect.), lots of other random things on hand.

Ability: Masquerade

Partner: 78 (Jessica Zammit)

Height & Weight: 5'11" & 160 lbs (Normal body since his ability puts him at different heights and weights at times.) Birthday: March 21, 1987


The power of transformation through masks. Like putting on a certain mask transforms the person wearing it into that thing the mask represents. The power is more passive than active. His power lies in making the masks. The transformation powers lie in the masks. The person makes a mask while thinking about a appearance. It must be a clear image in the mind or else it won’t work. They must envision all the details of the person or creature they are making while making the mask. Can only make things that are living and if making an animal they would probably have to get used to the difference in body structure. The mask can be knocked off and when that happens then the transformation ends and they revert back to their normal appearance. If the mask is made after another person it cannot copy their powers or abilities. It can copy physical prowess if that person was physical strong. He can make masks out of any materials as long as they cover the face.

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