A-gents Wiki

Name: DONNA (???)

Race: ???

Type: Hacker/Mechanic

Weapon: Technology

A.Z. Anywhere there is technology


  • Grand Theft & forgery
  • Destroying computer/information networks
  • Terrorism
  • Taking & Killing hostages
  • Extortion

Not much is known about this hacker except for the name DONNA that one of her partners for a mission had accidentally let slip. The hacker known as DONNA has never been seen in public and because of one instance when the hacker used a male voice it is questionable whether ‘she’ is really a she. The dateline of her attacks happen at various different times that it is impossible to limit where the hacker may be operating from.

What is known is that this hacker does not seem to take many things seriously, and people who have encountered her work have found themselves EXTREMELY annoyed. Her biggest most notable crimes in the public eye are taking hostages, extortion and terrorism. One important thing of note is that when she kills her targets most of them share two things in common: 1) They all either had their brains blown out or 2) They ended up killing themselves.

Has not been caught yet because there seems to be something very “ODD” about her programming that have many experts scratching their heads.

Recent discoveries

  1. DONNA is able to control people through chips in a person's brain.
  1. They work for Axel as a hacker for CROW.
  1. Their "ODD" programming tends to cause a normal computer to go into syntax errors if one tries to counter it.