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Connie, very alike and very different to Ryonell at the same time. Is he really just a part of his soul?

Conchis mephisto, or how he is called, 'Connie' is the new Agent 201, recluted just some weeks ago and a Brawler Trainee.

Connie's origins are strange, he was implanted by Ryonell as pure magic into Agent 40's soul, by touching it directly. After this, the newly formed existence began to talk to the agent, as a Voice, and stalking his dreams in Ryonell's form.

However, his connection with 40 and his constant exposition to the Agents, made the Voice start to avoid Ryonell's personality and later develop a new one, the one that now is known as Connie.

As a new personality, Connie is shy when talking to extrangers, very polite with most people, and tends to go into RAGE if somethings angers him. He is a kid in the body of a Tall(2meters), dark skinned man, so he can be ignorant at times, and very stubborn at others.

His feelings for Agent 40 still makes him loyal to him, as if he were some kind of bodyguard of sorts, even when the two of them aren't a couple anymore; Connie believes he will never be able to stop caring for the man, BUT as a way of forgeting about what happened between them, he had started to date. This drastic change from his overloyal self, made his friends in Dog Howl worry about him, but after seeing him overcome some ankward situations, they understood their 'chaste' friend desicion and new ways.

He also seems to be very fond of Agent 42, who he started calling 'Mother' recently; Agent 42 is the only person that made Connie, at some point, become violent with 40, chosing to protect her instead of aiding him.

Due to his relationship with 42, Connie acts like a little boy around her, wich means good for the new mother but bad for anyone else, specialy Lio and Agent 66, but since the first one become his 'father' (something that Connie feared, apparently) he stoped feeling so angry when he saw him and his mother together.

Connie's Brawler clothes.

  • He looks like a younger and taller Ryonell. But with dark skin and ice blue eyes.
  • Likes horses very much, specialy his horse Conejo.
  • Agent 40's memories about him and his birth has been erased.
  • Has no powers.
  • Is called 'Pointy Ears' by Lio.
  • He undress when he sleeps and sleepwalks nude.
  • His name 'Conchis Mephisto' is taken from two separate stories, the first name 'Conchis' taken from the book The Magus by John Fowles and 'Mephisto' taken from the name 'Mephistopholes' in the opera Faust.
  • He likes Rheos a lot, but will not talk about it, not even with himself.