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//A-GENT// T06

Name: Collette Lineage

Age: 21

Gender: female

Class: Sniper Trainee

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 117lbs

Hair: White

Eyes: Blue

Weapons: Saber claws & guns

Birthday: March 17th, 1990

//Personality// Collette is quite a complicated person. She has a hard time trusting others but still thinks of a few people as ‘family’. Though she doesn’t show it she thinks lowly of herself often coming up as ‘Useless’ or ‘Helpless’. She wants to be better though; To be able to trust others easier then she does. She’s working hard on changing herself to be better, more trustable as well. By now she understands that if she is to trust people, she needs them to trust her as well so she’s trying.

//Ability// Invisibility
Her ability is like a field she puts out that manipulates light rays in the air, bending them to make herself and anyone/anything in the field invisible. This field is only able to extend about 15 meters out from herself with no trouble. There is also a 'time limit' she has set on herself with her ability. That time limit varies with how much she is trying to hide. If it's just herself she can go around seven hours before receiving a headache. It's its herself and say... two other people that time is cut to three and a half hours before her head starts to hurt. If it's the full 15 meters out from herself she can go AT MAXIMUM 45 minutes before actually collapsing. If she were to forcibly push her field past that 15 meters it usually can last as long as her body will allow before extreme pain envelops Collette’s mind and forces her into unconsciousness. She has tried this before.


Collette had a rather simple life. She grew up with her mom, dad and an younger brother in Lincoln, Nebraska. Through Elementary and Middle school Collette was the usual Honor student, straight A’s and B’s. In high school things seemed to go down hill though. Her dad got into gambling and though he started out with good luck but then went horribly wrong. Due to his addiction and constant loans the family grew deep into debt. Around Collette’s second year of high school her mother took her little brother and left, not wanting to get into trouble with the group her husband was getting mixed up with. Collette though offered to stay and take care of her father, knowing he’d probably do a lot worse without anyone around. The next year and a half things just got worse. Her dad got further and further into debt. The ‘gang’ that had been giving him the loans over the past three and a half years had decided to ‘collect’ on what they had been owed. Since her father wasn’t home when they barged in she dove behind the small couch they had in the apartment, hands over her head in fear, one eye open the other shut in fear. She watched then trash the house yet they never saw her, it was absolutely astounding to her. After the house had been trashed Collette came out of her hiding place and started to clean, hopping she would be able to do so before her father got home. Once again things seemed to calm down for awhile once again, two months later The same guys came back, doing the same thing, This time Collette hid under a table while the place was trashed. Yet again she was unseen. Over the next year the multiannual raid of the small apartment took place and every time Collette was never found. She was faintly becoming aware of her abilities. Through the last year of high school Collette had become aware of the fact that she could literally hide in plain sight, She was like a chameleon. After graduation at 17 She got a job to help her dad with his debt and started experimenting with her abilities, Not only could she hide herself, she could hide small things. One day she came home to find her father home early from her work. He told her that he wanted to spend more time with her and she happily accepted it. Sadly, before they could even get started to doing something together a window broke in the kitchen and quickly after a female in a school girl seeming uniform jumped into the house. Collette, immediately thinking it must’ve been one of the people that often attacked their house, jumped to her dad's lap and closed her eyes tightly, whispering to him to stay quiet, she would make it go alright. That she could make them invisible.
Before her father could exclaim confusing they did turn invisible, giving Collette a huge head ache and making her fall to the ground, turning herself and her father visible again. The schoolgirl simply laughed at the scène and when Collette was able to open her eyes again she saw a huge bloodbath, all the blood dripping from one individual, her father. She ran up to the schoolgirl, but with a stab in her stomach she fainted and when she woke up again she woke up in the hospital to learned that her father dead. for weeks and moths after being released from the hospital and after the funeral was taken care of Collette continued to live in that apartment, Hiding the Anger she felt for the woman who killed her father, Letting it build up as she looked and looked for any sign of the killer. about 2 1/2 months after her 18th birthday she was home again, reading through old newspapers when she was visited by an odd man who seemed to know everything about her, even how much her father had owed before his death. He then offered her a job that was much better then flipping burgers and would help find the woman who killed her father. She jumped on occasion, accepting the offer. She has been with A-GENTS for 3 years.

- Oddly knowledgeable about Greek and Roman mythology

- Likes having her hair long but keeps it tied back so it doesn’t get in the way with her training

- Skilled in the use of sarcasm.

- Slightly mentally unstable. She cannot handle witnessing a death up close. If it’s far or a distance away she can handle it.


Uno: Though he’s the one who brought her into A-GENTS three years ago he is one of the few people she will NEVER be able to trust

Dos: She doesn’t trust him much.

Tres: She was her student for awhile before the changes were made.

Cuatro: She knew him at HQ2 and though she won’t admit it she does trust him. She just doesn’t like him. She usually addresses him as ‘Jerk sniper’

Nueve: Again, she doesn’t really know the woman but she knows that she was the one to take her to the medbay after Enyo’s death. Collette still carries the note she received from 09.

44: T06’s teacher. She respects him a great deal, even if she thinks he’s an ass at times.

50: Miss 50. A superior that T06 respects highly.

55: Doctor Rell. He’s a pleasant Medic.

61: Miss Kapila. A brawler T06 thinks is kinda… Food obsessed. She likes the jerky 61 shared with her once

77: Mr. Green. A pilot she’s kinda weary of. Collette thinks he might be insane on a level that’s all his own

96: Miss Izzy. She has met her once or twice.

105: Miss Trist. Another pilot. Collette thinks she’s not QUITE as insane as 77 but still a bit out there.

106: Mr 106. A brawler She’s trying to figure out. She’s trying for T10’s sake mostly.

134: Mama / Mama Gwen. She kinda opened up entirely to this medic one time while she was in the medbay and got to know Gwen a bit better. She’ll speak French around her because she figured she liked speaking her first language with someone. T06 often worries about 134 because she knows how medics, and most other classes, tend to over work themselves but 134 is DEFINATLY the person T06 trusts most at HQ1

153. T10’s mother. She sees where T10 gets a lot of her personality from when she’s around 123

172: Raphael. She gets along with and actually trusts this man quite well.

178: this pilot stole T06’s first kiss and first French kiss, all in one go. She is slightly frightened of this woman

197: T06 likes her quite a bit as She has made mixed juice for her

198: She learned how to work the X-box with him.

T01: Miss Manilla. She’s like a best friend. T06 tries to help her how ever possible.

T03: Wolfy. He’s a pain in the ass some times and Collette isn’t afraid to argue with him if she thinks he’s being too rude. She knew him at HQ2

T07: Margey. She likes this particular hacker. She also knew her at HQ2

T08: Mr. Kyros. She sympathizes with this spy. She knew him at HQ2

T09: Miss Aida. She’s had a few encounters with the woman. She’ll seek her out time to time if she has a question on something she can’t find in a book.

T10: Little Miss. She thinks of T10 Dearly. Exactly like a little sister. She treats her like a little sibling as well, playing with her and scolding her when needed. She has intentions of doing everything she can to protect this little girl. She is room mates with her.

T13. Letta. She knew her at HQ2. This mechanic is the woman who made her custom Saber claws.

T14: She thinks she’s a bit... paranoid. She room with her and T10

T17: Miss Emily. A person with a bright personality.

T19: She has worked with him a few times and met him at the Halloween party when he ‘Tried to drink her blood’.

T24: Mr. Ezekiel . A good friend.
T59: Someone else who has stolen a kiss from T06.

Kay: He is her ‘Older brother’ Despite not being at HQ1 yet. She admires him greatly.

Damien: Anther man she knew at HQ2, while he is also not yet at HQ1 she knows She’d be in trouble with him if anything happened to T07 or if she fell behind on her piano practice.