A-gents Wiki

Number: 39 aka Trienta y Nueve

Name: Colin Walker

Nickname(s): Red, 'Little One', Kiddo, Little Nurse

Age: 25 yrs

Weight: 150 lb

Height: 6’ 2”

Orientation: Gay

Weapon: Semi-automatic pistol

Class: Medic

Partner: Agent 65

Ability: Empathic Sight- This ability allows 49 to see emotions and feelings of others as colored auras even if the person is not conscious. Different emotions give off different colors, though some can look similar and possess another meaning. There is a lot more to take in effect along with the color, such as what it feels like, pastel, dark, heavy, light, warm, cold, etc. Strong emotions can sometimes give him headaches if he stares at them for too long, such in the cause of staring into the heart of someone truly evil. This power has to be actively being thought on to be in use and his eyes glow softly.

Personality: Colin has always been a sensitive guy to other people’s emotions even before his powers arose at the age of 12, which in use his eyes get a faint glow. He has a gentle heart and could never turn his back on someone in need. Though he dislikes large crowds of people since he is from a small family and had spent most of his early years locked away in a study room. He tends to be socially awkward in normal day small talk and 'common social norms', but get him talking about science or the latest medial gizmo and you can’t get him to shut up. When it comes to medicine his is a whiz kid and always strides for perfection. He always feel that he was to be the best and when he finds someone smarter or more talented that he, is, he will try to work his hardest to be on par with them. He also gets flustered and embarrassed rather easily when there is something he doesn’t know or even when people mess with him.

Colin is a complete neat freak and feel like he needs to label every little thing, putting all his items and medical tools in a precise order. This as you can imagine could drive some people crazy. When he gets super stressed out he tends to go into fits of OCD fueled cleaning frenzys.

Background: Colin was the only child his two hard working parents had. He comes from a long line of doctors and being their only son there was a massive weight placed on his shoulders to follow in their footsteps. Both his mother and father were prestigious in their fields and his father accepted nothing but perfection from his son. Colin was left alone most of the time while his parents worked and the only kind of affection he got from them was when he would bring home his excellent academic achievements. Thus started his drive to seek out faultlessness and worked twice as hard in his studies. He did not have very many friends in school since he was always absorbed in the text books and the friends that he did have were just like him, which he was fine with. He didn’t really care for the dramas of high school.

He graduated with honors and was accepted into one the best medical schools in the country. It was no different from before, he was hard driven to make his father proud and not to shame the family name. But that’s when he met James Burnet, his soon he to be intellectual rival. The two of them were in the same graduating class and roommates. Throughout their med-school years they had a heated and bitter competition of who could out smart who and got the better test score. Not only that but with Colin’s neat freak behavior James would often times move his stuff around and remove labels just to what him freak. Without even knowing it they had actually grew close as friends.

Both men graduated with top honors and it was a bittersweet moment when they had to say good bye for they had chosen different paths. Colin was serving his residency at his father and mother's hospital where the pressure of doing his best as at it's peak. It was long grueling hours and was worked like a dog but he enjoyed it and had shown great promise.

After a long shift at the hospital and completely exhausted from the little shut eye he got in the on-call room he started his track home, coffee in hand. He didn't know what made him take a different route home, it could have been his worn out brain or... something else, but whatever the case may be he found himself face-to-face with a mysterious man. Colin isn't a very imposing figure and it gave him the scare of his life thinking he was going to get mugged. But instead he was offered a job... a secret job by some placed called the AGENTS.

Completely floored by this encounter Colin had to go home and think about it after he was more rested. It was eerie how much the man knew about him and it made him feel a bit.. naked. But his curiosity got the better of him and he went to check it out.

Currently: Since joining the Agents so much has happened to him in his first year that it makes his head spin when he looks back on it. He has met so many new people, seen things that you only read about in books, experienced the sadness of death, friendship, and love. He has come a long way since he frist came to the agency learning more about his powers. He is still socially awkward at times but he has made a list of 'common social norms'.


01: Even though his interaction with Uno has been limited, he has the up most respect for him and calls him "Superior" instead of sir like he does with the other High Rank. Uno also makes him very nervous due to his relationship with his son, 04.











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