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Name: Chaton T.(Tee) Varr
Nicknames: Mr. Blondie (He hates being called that)
Number: 85 (ochenta y cinco)
Birth Date: July 31st, 1988
Gender: Male
Class: Hacker
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6 ft. 1 in.
Weight: 145 lbs.
Shoe Size: 10
Astrilogical Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon


Cadaver Switch - Chaton 'switches' the surface looks of himself and a nearby cadaver. Any injuries to the actual Cadaver will show up on the 'mask' of himself that is placed on the cadaver. Chaton will look as injured as he currently is, covered by a thin mask that causes him to look like the cadaver had alive. Does not modify speech, actual height, actual weight, or anything else. It purely causes a visual affect. A larger or smaller cadaver than Chaton will not change size to cover him properly, though anything not covered is essentially invisible Larger = extra space between contact. Smaller = less space than the image looks to give. A fairly powerful illusion, if used properly.

- Chaton is somewhat traumatized by his power. Though when he's using it, he seems fine and often times a bit 'too' happy, outside of combat is a different story. He will sometimes mention how he has 'seen his own death, a hundred times over.' This fear of his power seems to stem from how he first found out about it.
- He will generally try to avoid using his power in front of other agents. This may stem from his problems with it, and may also stem from a wish to no let them see his 'corpse'.


-Arm Blade: A three foot long fold out blade is concealed in the electronic interface wrist-gear he wears. The blade takes about thirty seconds to deploy, after which it is very effective for sword fighting.

-Electronic Interface: A gauntlet worn on Chaton's left arm, which can allow him access with nearly any computer in mere moments, due to a set of exceedingly powerful decrypters programmed into it. Can connect wirelessly, and has direct interfaces, such as usb's for most connectors known to humanity.

-Since running into Ion, and having the gauntlet damaged, he has rebuilt it, and rubberized the outer surface, as well as a large number of the parts, to protect it from electrical discharges.

History: Chaton was born, and lived in B.C., Canada for seventeen years. He grew up as a computer geek, through and through. His family had one as long as he had been able to use them, and he was hacking into networks by the age of eleven.

His ability manifested at the age of seventeen, at his grandfathers funeral. He walked up to the open casket, and looking down, saw his own blue eyed face staring back at him.

A gasp sounded behind him, and he looked up, seeing everyone in the room staring at him. He opened his mouth to say something, before closing it again. He could see himself in a mirror, his own body replaced with the image of his grandfather.

He closed his eyes, running from the room, and into the bathroom in the hall. Opening his eyes, he could see his own face in the mirror above the sinks. He stood there panting, before running a hand down his face and sliding to the floor.

The door clicked open behind him, and a man walked in, wearing orange glasses, and speaking of what Chaton had done and could do. Chaton listened, before rising from the ground, and following the man.

He'd been recruited, and had spent the last five years working for the agency, as a hacker.

Recent Developments: Between feeling he failed on Ridion due to the explosives still going off after he hacked them, and getting his nose broken and arms fried during the battle with Ion, he has been a bit down on himself about his skills lately. However, recent developments in his love life, and the bit of work he did with the Alice file recently have been pushing him into a bit of a better mood. Heck, he might even forgive 63 if things keep up at this rate.


01: Though 85 has no direct relationship with Uno, it is known that he was recruited directly by him. 85 seems to think highly of him.

10: 85 has had no interaction with his direct superior. He will follow 10's orders, but his overall opinion of him is unknown.

66: 85 is unsure of where he stands with 66, having only met him once. During that meeting he tried to stop 66 from bothering 140, and very nearly ended up fighting him. 85 is more than a little spooked by him.

83: Currently the only agent that 85 is fully comfortable around. He sees her as the best thing to happen to him, since he discovered his power. They are currently dating, 83 having managed to get 85 to reveal his feelings, and revealing her own to him. They met in the kitchen, when 85 had slunk out of his room one day, trying to grab a sneaky bite to eat.

137: 85 has a strong dislike for agent 137, partially due to the agent always calling him Mr. Blondie. He also dislikes the way 137 and 42's relationship works, and has mentioned more than once that he should seal the pair in seperate rooms, possibly planning on writing a program to prevent the two from coming in contact.

40: Though 85 has not met agent 40 he has heard rumors, and having spent a bit of time working on the Alice file, is more than a little worried about what may be wrong with him.

51: Scary is the only term that 85 could use to accurately describe 51. He hopes to not piss her off again in the future, as the threat of bullets is not something he much likes.

140: One of the few agents 85 can stay near for more than a few minutes, when not on a mission. 140 and 85 met when 33 dragged him into the med-bay for a check up, only for the injured 140 to sneak up behind him, scaring him. He's since apologized for his rash actions that day, though he may have gotten on her bad side recently.

33: The medic who managed to get 85 to finally come in for a check-up in the med-bay. He doesn't mind 33, though he is very cautious around her, since she explained her power to him. He thinks he is on her good side.

52: Responsible for breaking 85's mind one of the only times he met her, via jamming a condom in his shirt when he was relaxing with 83. He's quite nervous near her, though he's pretty sure she means well.

64: Though 85 has seen 64 a couple of times, he's never had a conversation with him. Nonetheless, he feels the other agent is definitely a good person, due to the man's friendship with 83.

63: One of the only agents that 85 straight up dislikes, though not for a very good reason. He'd probably be friends with the man, if it wasn't for a single incident where 85 was attempting to help, but 63 yelled at him to shut up. Admittedly, 63 was right to do so, but 85 is still mildly annoyed by it, and has decided to make things frustrating for 63.

42: He doesn't really know 42, though he does know that her relationship with agent 137 is dangerous to everyones health, due to their inability to get along without fighting. May lock her and 137 in separate rooms at some point in the future, as punishment for endangering people.

96: The only firebomber that 85 knows, and not a shining example of good things for the class, in his eyes. He's actually quite terrified of the girl.

47: The only hacker that 85 will listen to, besides 10. He worked with her a bit on the Alice file, and though he does despise her, thinking himself better as a hacker, he will admit she has some skill, and will work with her if ordered to.

55: 85 has had no direct interaction with Agent 55, though he doesn't trust the man, and is very wary of going near him, due to what happened in the past between 55 and 83.

Random Facts:

-Is actually a decent fighter, and an exceedingly mean one. Has no qualms about hitting people where it hurts, either with his blade, or his armored boots. Generally deals in execution style moves, if whoever he's fighting would serve him better in death. Doesn't much like fighting people directly, and generally tries to make it over-with quickly, though he does have the stamina for a long fight, and can take a bit of a beating without being too ruffled afterwards.

-Is swift, but not very strong. If he hit you, the first strike wouldn't hurt much. The fact that he hit you again and again is what would hurt.

-Has a small circular scar on his cheek, hidden fairly well by the blue triangular tattoo there. Neither seems to have much signifigance to him, other than that the tattoo feels 'right' whereas the scar felt 'wrong'.

-Can imitate most peoples voices with surprising accuracy, and given enough time can sound exactly the same as most men. Exactly where this originally stemmed from is unknown, though he put's it to good use when he uses his power.

-Technically straight, though he might as well be asexual, due to his fear of such relationships. 83 has recently pushed him past his fears, and he is currently dating her.

-Has way to many computers, having assembled so many in his room that there is little else in there. They are often linked together to combine their processing power and give him a contained super-computer from wherever he may be standing at the Agency. Has set up an 'evil mastermind' style console in the center of his room to work at. More than 50% of the parts in his computers are impossible to find on anything but the blackmarket, and even then it's unlikely.

-The guantlet on his arm is exceedingly powerful, able to contact just about any computer close to him with ease. As well, if he's near multiple computers, he can use the gauntlet to force them to work as a super-computer for him.

-Wear's far too much clothing. On a normal day, he is wearing: The agent bodysuit, A black carapace-like t-shirt, black dress pants, his agent jacket which reaches to his ankles, and knee high armored steel-toed boots with rubberized soles. He's more or less never seen without his gauntlet and glasses added to this.

-Is very nervous when it comes to physical contact in normal situations. Combat seems to remove such inhibitions entirely.

-Loves infiltration missions, and had he not been so skilled with computers, he may have chosen to be a spy.

Theme Song: Buried Alive by Alter Bridge