A-gents Wiki

Rank: 3

Boss: Axel

Type: Enemy Information and items dealer

Activity: Unknown

CROW was the unknown enemy organisation that originally pulled the strings to the reformed 3.5 enemy Ion (currently Agent 195).

Since existence of this enemy-for-hire organization has come to light recently, it is clear they work anonymously behind the clients (enemies) they support where they draw a portion of profit. So very little is know about them, however, they’ve remained anonymous for more than seven years AT LEAST.

Their primary wares are information and theft services, but will do anything for the appropriate price as a business and their boss ‘Axel’ calls the shots.

It is not known where they came from, how or when they where formed, what their goals are or why for that matter they are called ‘CROW’.

The obvious problem with this organization is the fact no one knows how much info they possess or sold. Or for that matter how many ties with other enemies they seem to have.

The threat of their employees has been known, especially their star hacker DONNA. They only ever seem to have four operatives at one time, originally the four were:

- Ebony and Erk the tag team symbiotic nano-organism that seem to focus on surveillance and infiltration and the current body guard to Axel.

- Bane; the chronomancer that created a 20 meter wide wall of ageing as their defensive and 'tank' operator used for back ups and to literally 'remove' individuals from existing (turns things to dust).

- ScareCrow; a being that seems to be able to possess any inanimate objects in the surroundings (such as a strip of road) and animate it. His real body hasn't been seen by agents but it seems a suspicious old hat has been noted to appear when he has. A thick irish accent, he doesn't seem to appear long or often.

- Ion their foremost runner for the organisation who used to handle most of their greater dealings, thefts, assassinations and negotiations, however he is now Agent 195.

Currently there are only two left Ebony/Erk and ScareCrow. There are various other ‘staff’ members that hardly leave the base(s) though that help run the business. It is clear they have a extensive science department.

Other facts:

* Axel seems to have very expensive tastes and bad mood swings; noted for having a close relationship to the King of hell himself. Although the man assures its pure business.

* Their secrecy is so iron clad to a point all of their employee’s have a trigger chip set in their brains set to explode when they reveal anything about themselves or the organization.