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The Brawler class, good if you need to beat something violently with a good pair of fists or feet. The methodology of combat varies greatly in this class that seems to have become known for the sense of fellowship felt by a large amount of it's members. Posessing some of the friendliest members and some of the least congenial members all in the same class certainly accentuates how widespread their acceptance is in the Brawler class and because of this, they are a solid group of Agents that are good to have on your side in the thick of battle.

Head of Class: Uno
Color of Glasses: Orange
Number of Members: 11

List of Brawlers:

  • 01 (Edmond Palace)
  • 66 (Lauren Wesley)
  • 87 (Ariane Backer)
  • 88 (Matthew Hazeman)
  • 109 (Lee Xhang Fa)
  • 110 (Kapila Monkis)
  • 117 (Lio)
  • 191 (Ezekiel Gallagher)
  • 201 (Conchis Mephisto)
  • 215 (Dynami Calypso)
  • Wight

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