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A very hard working and Dedicated Mechanic, 63 is always trying to earn the appraisal of his Superiors.

Name: Bianchi Arcelli

Age: 20 years old

DOB: May 14th, 1992

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 148lbs

BloodType: O-

Class: Mechanic

Sexuality: Ionsexual ?

Status: Dating 195

Bianchi Arcelli is a very ambitious teenager. He was raised in a small house consisting of his father, mother, and one older brother. Bianchi believes he lived a pretty typical life for his age. He went to a good school, his father made good money as a mechanic, and his mother was a sculptor. Unlike his older brother who showed interest in the mechanics life, Bianchi showed plenty of promise at following him mother's footsteps. He had very artistic hands, and loved to make the models.

The particular 'effeminate' part of his life started young too. Ever since he was just a little toddler Bianchi was a very pretty boy. Beautiful olive skin, fair blond hair, and large olive green eyes with heavy, thick lashes. Friends and strangers of the Arcelli's mistook him as their daughter on numerous occasions. His mother didn't help, as she had always hoped to have a daughter to dote on. Since her first son had followed so tightly behind her husband, she took Bianchi under her wing. She taught him to dress beautifully, to take care of his hair and skin, to have polite manners and even how to cook. He was the daughter her womb hadn't given to her. But it wasn't as if it made Bianchi sad. In fact, he has very fond memories playing dress up with his mother, being her little 'princess'. He loved to work on pottery with her, to paint things and to appreciate art. He had no intention to follow his brother and father and become a "dirty Mechanic".

It wasn't until he started high school that it all changed. One of his few friends was a girl who's father ran a watch repair shop. On one occasion she invited him to go see it. He agreed and fell in love with clockwork. To listen to the tick-tock of the gears, to watch them turn and the weight rock, to see how clockwork could create not just a piece of art, but something that lived. After that, he started to skip his pottery lessons. He returned to the shop everyday to learn to wind clockwork and rig gears to make a watch tick. It opened his mind to the wonders of handiwork. He started helping in the mechanics shop, progressing with great determination. It saddened his mother to know her beautiful son was foregoing his artistic talents to pursue the gritty tasks of building engines and repairing watches.

After that Bianchi went from being a quiet, cute little kid to the polite, socially awkward snob that he is today. What friends he had he ignored, and the other kids in his class avoided him. The girls in the class were jealous of his beautiful looks, saying it was wrong for a boy to be pretty like they were. The guys were freaked out for the same reasons. The others in the Mechanics shop were put off by his ambitious desire to surpass them. The only people Bianchi cared about were his family, his Teacher, and the Watch smith. He admired their skills and their position in life. He decided that people like them, more talented, wiser, higher than him, deserved respect.

When he was 17 a stranger arrived at their doorstep. A strange, towering man who wore a long white jacket (at the time Bianchi thought he was a surgeon from the nearby hospital who had gotten horribly lost). He introduced himself, and offered Bianchi a job as a mechanic, far, far away. He promoted it as a great learning experience, offering everything Bianchi had ever dreamed about. It was like he already knew everything the 17 year old wished to see and learn and do.


  • Father: Marco Arcelli (Mechanic): Owns an Auto repair shop in Venice, Italy.
  • Mother: Clarissa Arcelli (Artist): Creates sculptures and Pottery. A few of her works are on display in art museums.
  • Older Brother: Deanthony Arcelli (Mechanic): Works at their Fathers Shop, plans to take over when Marco retires.

It is well known that he is short tempered with the Inferior ranks, and socially awkward when it comes to friends and talking with other people on a casual level. However, he has been working on building relationships with Agent 49, and Agent 140. He considers them his "Amico's", and his first friends since he joined. He has great respect for his superiors, though after a negative conversation with Agent 40 he hopes to prove himself as a worthy Mechanic.

In addition (and to his dismay) he seems to have caught the attention of the Enemy for Hire, Ion.

Abilities:: Blank Slate

This Ability allows Bianchi to record an objects material properties (such as class, metal, wood...ect) when he touches them with his left hand. The object is added to a mental database, and he can reproduce the material in multiple different forms out of the blank slate he can produce from his Right hand. This is especially helpful at creating specifically shaped screwdrivers or wrenches when he needs them, tables to work on, and in a serious situation, even a knife or a shield to defend himself.

However, there are a lot of limitations to his abilities. For one, when he creates an object from a recorded material, it also records the same mass and weight of its natural form. Meaning, he cannot create a giant iron hammer and wave it like a feather. Secondly, he cannot create anything unless he knows what it looks like. Thirdly, he can only shape the slate into one form at a time, and it takes time to remodel it. He can't instantaneously change a knife to a shield to defend himself from a gunshot. Finally, he can only have one material in his database at a time, and has to record over it if he wishes to use something different. The first signs of his abilities developed early. He had been working on a clay vase, his hands coated in clay, when he dozed off, dreaming of an apple orchard. When he woke up, a clay apple was sitting in his hand. He didn't think anything of it and kneaded it back into his stock pot. Through high school he continued to pass it off, always finding some excuse to explain it. It wasn't until he joined the Agency that he finally accepted that he was not a normal teenager.

  • Contrary to a lot of Rumors Bianchi is male. He is very comfortable in that fact, and has no desire to change.
  • However, he is a cross dresser and prefers to wear girl clothes over guys.
  • He is prone to "DIVA RAGE" when annoyed or hurt.
  • Bianchi possesses very little fighting ability, and in dangerous situations he prioritizes Running away from the heat of battle, rather than risk injuring himself and becoming a burden to his Superiors.
  • He is fond of drinking a class of Disarrono to help relax after a particularly hard day.
  • Theme song: Cherry Lips by Garbage