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BE Industries is a relatively recent organization that has begun competing with both the A-GENCY and RED CODE. It's members are best known for actively hunting down anyone or anything supernatural, capturing it, and then trying to replicate it's abilities. It's actually a conglomeration of several medical and military R&D groups. They've only been active for roughly 6 years, but they've already made large strides towards being a major influence in the paranormal world. This is due to the fact that even their lowest ranked troopers are better armed than most elite military forces, and their active Field Commanders have been given abilities from various transplants from any successful captures of "Others" that are equal to or better than even some of the most proficient A-GENTS. They have several laboratories and safehouses scattered throughout Earth, and even some on other planets (if you believe the rumors.)

B.E.I. Divisions[]

  • Legal - Made up of Assassins and Hackers. They're genrally in charge of cover-ups and tracking down particularly elusive "Others." Active Field Commanders: Trickster Artifical Intelligence (PROJECT: TAI). Joseph King (PROJECT: KING OF KILLERS)
  • Reasearch & Development - Made up of Scientists and Medics. Informally called "Adamski's," after a famous Ufologist. When a "Other" has been successfully captured, it falls upon R&D personel to discover how their abilities work, no matter the cost. Active Field Commanders: Johnathan Blackhammer (PROJECT: WARSMITH), Victoria Mogel (PROJECT: LAZARUS)
  • Recruitment - N/A. Recruitment exists only to get more people to work for B.E.I. They're some of the most important members of the group, due to the horrendous fatality rate most troopers can expect during service. They also act as a sort of "mercenary force," and have a hell of a lot more seperation from the other divisions. Active Field Commanders: Jubilation Grin (PROJECT: ENFANT TERRIBLE)
  • Field Recovery - Made up of Brawlers, Snipers, and Firebombers. Informally called the "Monster Hunters." By far the most active group in B.E.I. Active Field Commanders: Charles Hazeman (PROJECT: CREMATORIS)
  • Corporate Affairs - Made up of Spies and Pilots. They track down any rumors of "Others," take notes, and then bring in Field Recovery or Legal for a capture. Active Field Commanders: Unknown.