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The Assassin Class consists of killers. There is no other true blanketing term to fit it, if you aren't prepared to think through the murder of a human being and have it prepared to the letter then you are better off using your skills in another class, such as the Brawler Class as the life of an Assassin is not for you. In general, the Assassins posess a variety of subversive skills and they are known for making good use of them. Generally a lot more thoughtful than the solely battle-based classes, what Assassins lack in brute strength they make up for in cunning and in this respect they are dangerous and often make for good team leaders, thinking objectively toward their goal and utilizing what resources they have to reach that goal. On a mission, we like to call these resources 'Fellow Agents.'

Head of Class: Tres
Color of Glasses: Red
Number of Members: 6

List of Assassins:

  • 03 (Luisa Dimanche)
  • 50 (Adelaide Young)
  • 60 (Ainsley Ferguson)
  • 163 (Morgan Cho)
  • 206 (Collette Lineage)
  • 211 (Raphael Mason)

Deceased Assassins:

  • 94 (Gato)

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