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Rank/Name: 49 (Artemis Belle) Cuarenta y nueve [ Formerly ranked 52 ]

Class: Medic

Weapon: (More of a damsel than a fighter) Anything really, but she has a lightweight durable cable that babysits her on missions. She's an extremely hard woman to disarm because of her ability. The enemy certainly wouldn't expect to be attacked by their own pants.

Ability: Object Enchantment

Partner: N/A

Height & Weight: 5'7 (w/o heels) 143 lbs

Birth date: December 12 (Currently 27 years old)

Voice (Something like this): Link


Named Artemis just because her parents really wanted a boy to nickname “Arty”. If her parents could see her as she is now they will know just how inappropriately they named their daughter. Named after the Greek/Hellenic Goddess of the Hunt, Virginity, Fertility/Childbirth and ect... it is a bit ironic to note that 49's behavior is something that cannot be associated with any of those. 49's outrageous flirtatious manner is too provocative to resemble the chaste virgin goddess she was named after (I don't think the woman remembers how to even act like a virgin). The woman is too much of a worrywart of the health of others she would not be able to seriously physically hurt another individual, much less hunt anything. Fertility and childbirth just forget it, 49 is notoriously known for giving away condoms and reminding everyone about safe sex.

The blond medic was not always like that however. As a child Artemis had a very delicate doll-like beauty, but when she hit puberty it quickly matured from something innocently pretty to mature beauty that caused her a lot of trouble especially among older men and jealously among the other girls. Artemis used to be so naive that she could not figure out why people were quickly treating her so differently in her early teenage years, because of this it caused her to be self-conscious for awhile of her looks, thinking there was something wrong with her. Teenage 49 was very easy to embarrassed and blushed almost constantly. (Think of it as a strange mix between 97's naivety and 46's shyness. So bad that even adorkable 39 could probably make her blush and stutter XD ) After a certain event that began her deep hatred/avoidance of alcohol, her personality quickly did a 180. It took a harsh lesson of human jealousy to learn that she was beautiful. She quickly learned to be proud of her looks and used it to her advantages in certain situations. Flaunting her looks and seemingly unaffected by the event orchestrated by some jealous bitches was Artemis' way of sticking up her middle finger at them. She became what they feared because of their petty games. After the death of her parents, these little games quickly lost interest as the teenager found that some things were more important then others when she took over her infant brother's care.

49 was always scared that people would try to take Arthur away from her, just because she was young. Thus she actually encouraged the thought/rumor that she was a teen mom, since they were less likely to take away a child from it's biological mother than a sister. This is where 49's provocative behavior stemmed from, since teen mothers were seen as sluts the blond began acting out so others would see what they wanted to see and would not look to closely. Leaving her free to raise her brother, because she knew who she was and didn't care for the opinions of others. (Who knows how much of 49's current personality is actually her own or if it's a habit from earlier days?) Her whole world revolved around her little brother, and it literally broke her when he died later because of his uncontrollable powers. 49 would never admit it to anyone else but she has bad survivor guilt over the death of her brother and often wishes in the quiet moments when she is not heckling someone over their health that she was the one who inherited his ability and that he had gotten hers instead. Even if it means she would be dead because then Arthur would be alive.

Since joining the Agency 49 can be usually be found in the Med Bay keeping watch to ensure that none of the patients escape or in the Library researching the correlations between genetics and supernatural powers. She is either flirting or stressing over the other agents because of their injuries/health, unfortunately with the antics of the Broforce she is usually stressing. She is a very vibrant and animated person whose actions are quite distracting and usually keeping people from getting to close. For who would ask for her name if they were too busy gawking at her groping some people? It is more effective than closing herself off completely, and it seems to be working since no one in the agency uses her name. 49 does not like to be reminded of her name anymore, taking on her role as 49 completely. She will only take on her name again when she finishes her goal within the agency then she plans to leave requesting a memory wipe. The less people are so deeply attached to her then the less it will hurt when she leaves. Though lately some interactions have left her wondering if she's getting attached despite her acting.

ABILITIES 49's power are still fairly new as she had just awaken them right before she entered the agency. It is a good thing that the medic took to her powers so easily, but she still doesn't really know the full capabilities her powers hold and she is a little reluctant to experiment with them. She doesn't let it show but sometimes she is surprised at the personalities that the objects take. If 49 loses control of her emotions every object in the room would come to life in response to her agitated emotional state. Despite how much she freaks out 49 is usually calm so such an event is rare unless you truly upset her. She usually enchants an object for a short time before cutting off the energy when she is done, but 49 has a few named objects that are alive at all times. (constant use has made it easier for these objects to retain their life even when she is unconscious).

Recent developments

After being recently sick for 3 days, 49 noticed that she had a lingering headache. It took her awhile before she noticed that she knew of things happening in other rooms. It wasn't until Ernie and Rick started to talk to her that she realized that she could hear her animated objects and that she was actually getting feedback from them resulting in her headache. After spending some time locked in her room, she managed to get some control over her increased powers. Can mostly block out her objects so that it doesn't bother her, but she still picks up random tidbits from time to time. Especially recipes that Ernie has made a habit of trying to read lately.

The rare event where 49 was truly upset had been reached. Due to a certain prank of 203 and a robotic rat, 49 had lost control of her powers in the medbay where everything in there just started to attack anyone who can be taken as a threat. 41 managed in the end to knock her out, but due to the method she used 49 was placed into a coma where she was experiencing the happiest moment in her life. The coma didn't last long as 08 was shortly called in to reverse it

NAMED OBJECTS/MINIONS (All mentioned objects can be called with whistles that 49 carries)

  1. Cable (A long durable lightweight cable) : It is unnamed because it is vain and rejects all names 49 has tried she is still looking for one. Moves very snake-like and very protective of it's master. Responds very well to praise and will often preen under said praise. It is the one object that 49 usually relies on during battle/missions since it is very strong and capable of picking up people. (It got a lot of practice pulling it's master out of danger)
  2. Bertha (Pink bathrobe): Use to belong to a transgender bouncer friend of 49's and is actually very large man size. (Don't ask how delicate/elegant looking 49 has such a friend <3 It's complicated~) Bertha is 49's main muscles in keeping escaping patients in the Med Bay, and is kept there in her desk. Sometimes 49 can be found in the common room painting her nails while playing a wrestling movie for Bertha to watch. Bertha is very well versed in wrestling moves, and kind of wants to challenge one of the brawlers to a match. For some reason beats up/picks on 77 a lot. It has many enemies from the many times it has stopped people from escaping medbay. Bertha finds the assassins the hardest to keep in the medbay. (Especially agent 50) As a thank you for clothing 198's nakedness one day, 198 has given Bertha special reenforced stitching and threads to prevent ripping.
  3. Ernie (Tupperware): Was enchanted to life after 49 learned that 40 was not eating properly. Since Ernie is the latest of objects to be enchanted to semi-permanent status it is more innocent and impressionable then the others. It is much like a little kid and was given only one command “To feed people who aren't eating” much to 49's discernment it doesn't know healthier foods from bad foods and usually carries sweets because it makes people happy. It sleeps in one of the cabinets in the kitchen and sometimes if agents were to look they can find Ernie there. Despite being the newest Ernie has been seen the most around HQ. First seen by 60 who already tried to destroy it twice by scissors and a microwave (Was saved by 66 to be later dumped into the trash because of talk of shipping), then by 54 who Ernie fangirls over because he fixes objects, 96 who Ernie finds cute and nice and good with petting, and 117 who threatened to eat it then later changed his mind because Ernie threw a cookie at his head as an attack. Teaching itself how to read from the recipe books in the kitchen. Agents may sometimes be asked to read outloud because Ernie is still unsure of some words.
  4. Caffie (ADD Coffee thermos): Is not used that often because it is too jittery and cannot sit still long enough for the coffee to be drunk. Artemis only uses it when she is desperate and she has to cut off her power if she wants to drink out of it. Because of that fact she is the only person able to use it, although it might just try to give others coffee if it escapes out of her locked drawer. Unfortunately it is more likely to get the coffee all over you. Caffie has escaped from medbay a long time ago, but Bertha has been distracting 49 to keep her from noticing. Last it was seen it had gone into the jungle surrounding HQ. Might be feral at this point.
  5. Rick (Chainsaw that sleeps under 49's bed): Very angry like OMFG ANGRY, man-hater that will never listen to any man, and only listens to girls. It is 49's last resort to ward off unwanted suitors. 49 calls Rick's whistle her “Rape whistle”, and has given 96 a copy of Rick's whistle since the girl seemed to be running into a lot of problems of that nature.
  6. Choker: IT IS A SECRET~! But it is also enchanted just so you know.
  7. Gary (Guard Door) : The door to 49's room. Unlike all the other doors in HQ, 49's door cannot be picked because then Gary can just lock itself right after one does that. Though it is possible to talk your way in. Note the more intimidating you are the more unlikely you are to get in. Gary has a big weakness to cuteness.
  8. Colleen (Maid Outfit) : In a last ditch attempt to get 39 off her case about what he saw when he looked into her emotions, 49 retailated by manhandling the other medic into a maid outfit that Momma B had sent to her to talk people into modeling for feedback for the inspiring fashion designer. 49 enchanted the outfit to stop 39 from taking it off for a day or two, or if he admitted that he did not understand women. At this point in time she is unaware of how the personality carried out those orders, even though she probably should considering she knows the maker of the outfit. Current whereabouts are unknown... considered destroyed by 04 at this moment.


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  • Dietrich: *getting to it... it's complicated* Drama~ 8D
  • 01: The person who recuited her to the Agency. Showed up shortly after her powers awakened for the first time and killed the man who attacked. Feels surreal around him because it has been many years since she had a man act in such a fatherly manner. Hasn't had much contact with him since that day.
  • 05: Her young superior. Despite the young age, 49 is very proud of how accomplished the young teen is. She is however shocked at how bold he is though. Especially his comments about how he can marry her in a year and how when he grows up he will seduce her.
  • 39: Complicated relationship. 49 uses outrageous groping and inappropriateness to drive the man from the room and from using his powers on her. Knows that it is wrong but hates people in her business and hates pity. There is an underlying reasons for it though. Finds 39 too nice and somewhat a doormat for others, she intentionally tries to provoke his own emotions (even if it's the negative ones and aimed at her). Hopes the man learns to be himself instead of saying what is proper for approval. Another reason for driving him away is because he reminds 49 of something that makes her sad. Tends to not run into the other medic often.
  • 41: Finds the young woman a capable leader, though she has problems dealing with 41's difficult tendencies to refuse medications and her aversion to needles. Doesn't normally interact with the woman, but after that disaster in medbay due to 203. 41 has a lot of 49 memories. That fact bothers 49, but has put it in the back of her mind since 41 hasn't bothered her about it.
  • 42: A woman whose love of fashion reminds her of Momma B at times and other times her immaturity reminds her of certain girls from her past. Would rather stay away than suffer flashbacks of troubled time. Though if in her presence 49 usually acts oblivious to the tense undertone of her words, or tries to find someone in need of care since 49's interactions with the other woman has been on missions. 49 was the one who actually did the test for 42 when it was discovered she was pregnant, but because of certain issues she gave the job to 134 who said she had training/wanting to be a peditrician. 42 had approached 49 about her decision to go to DH for a while in order to raise her family while still keeping her job. 49 didn't agree with this but recognizing the sniper's determination has stayed off saying no. Unfortunately during that conversation the topic came around to childraising and 49 spoke a little too much from experience and 42 called her out on it. What followed was a dam breaking as much of her fears and suspicions concerning Hunnie came out. 42 has thrown doubts into 49's present plans that it has her wondering and confused. Has been avoiding the woman though she probably needs to tell her the decision concerning about DH.
  • 43: First meeting wasn't the best considering that 43 wandered into the medbay half dressed and very hungover. She watched as 43 took some homemade remedy and proceeded to be violently sick. Has made a mental note to remove said remedy from the medbay if she finds it. She tends to work with 43 a lot during surgeries: Having worked with the other woman on 88's operation to rid him of the mind control crystals, and on 47's surgery to replace her intestines along with a few others.
  • 47: After the mission where 54 was kidnapped, 49 was the one who was able to diagnose the hacker as having been possessed by a Sheol. Working quickly even though there were a lot of wounded in the medbay she took 47 with the help of 53 to the sauna in the spa to kill the thing with the heat. Unfortunately they were not fast enough to kill it before it had eaten through most of her intestines. She had helped to replaced the woman's intestines with an artifical one. Knows that after a long recovery period that the hacker has been released but doesn't have much contact with the woman. Unfortunately she can't step into a sauna now as all her hears is 47's organs being eaten and 47's pained screams from that day.
  • 50: One of the most notorious escapees from the medbay. 49 finds it incredulous the lengths this girl will attempt to leave the medbay. She finds that despite being a class made to be a killer that 50 is a good girl. A little all over the place, but a good girl. If only she can get her to sit still long enough to ensure she heals properly.
  • 53: Hero worships the woman a little for killing a rat during a mission (even if the rat was already dead). Recently helped 53 create a small mountain of toys for her orphans. She finds the woman down to earth and very calming. 49 places unconsciously places a lot of trust in the firebomber. Usually is a little more lentient with in her case as 53 comes off as a very reasonable person. After a certain breakdown, 53 has managed to see through most of 49's evasives and distractions to see that the medic is troubled by many problems. She has encouraged 49 to face her problems instead of running away, but it is yet to be seen if 49 will be able to follow such advice.
  • 54:
  • 55: Finds the man a calming person. Strangely didn't grope him on their first meeting. Found it painful to see the man smiling even when it was obvious he would rather not. Asked him to at least write in a journal/diary if he could not express himself, because at least then he would know his own emotions. Somewhats regrets that action because it seems she gave away more then she normally would and underestimated his preceptiveness. Is now avoiding the man?
  • 60: Created Ernie after she learned he wasn't eating. Has not had much contact with the man, but an event while he was in the medbay has caused alarm bells to go off when she got a small glance at his mental health. She has a hard time taking his words at fact value because of his monotone voice and lack of facial expressions. Though she did notice that it completely changed when he brought up a woman named Alice. At this point in time 49 suspects that Alice is the one key to Agent 60's emotional state, but she is unsure how to use that information for 60's state. Has some theories but nothing feastible to work on. Currently exasperated at the man for his causal poisoning of others. Finds it extremely frustrating that he refuses to leave a stock of antidotes for said poisons in the medbay in case of emergencies.
  • 65: 49 has offerred comfort to the other medic when she ran into him during a moment of weakness. After that she spent some time with the young man unaware of his feelings towards her. They went out on a picnic on the beach and danced (really dirty) at the wedding. 65 told 49 that he liked her and asked to start dating. Unfortunately 49 believes that she would not be good for the emotional fragile 65 and declined unsure of her feelings for the younger man. Somewhat doubts that 65's feelings are truly genuine since he does not even know her name.
  • 66: Finds the unchanging smile on his face very unnerving and has a comparision in her mind to that of 60's one expression face. Finds herself pinching him a lot, and has noticed that his expression sticks on and finds it really insincere.
  • 80: Finds the boy extremely young to be in the agency. Feeds him from time to time on the rare occasion she sees him. Might be more of a mother figure to the young man as when he hit his head and thought himself to be a 5 year old he called 49 "Mommy".
  • 83: Kind of met her during an argument between 39 and 65. She had a freakout over her new colorful hair and thought there were some outrageous reasons for it.
  • 85: Gave the young man a condom when she noticed that 83 and him were close like really close in the kitchen. Recently had a talk with him at the pool and has made note that the man needs to socialize some more. Finds it adorable that he seems to be very much in love with 83.
  • 87: Finds it mildly concerning that 87 doesn't show much of a reaction despite heavy wounds. She also knows about 87's drug abuse in her earlier days. Though most encounters with each other have to do with 87's habit of baking so many sweet things.
  • 88: A man who has 49's sympathy for his unfortunate luck of his powers, since her own brother died because of his. Interactions between the two could be summarized as followed: He said something awkward and she says something to make it worst. Recently because of 88's strange behavior that turned out to be possession due to a strange crystal on his brainstem. Stressed a lot during the period of when she was working on the case because whoever was in control liked to escaped a lot. She was worried for a bit because she didn't see 88's personality for awhile and thought he was gone forever. Is glad that it seems that the brawler seems cured at last.
  • 97: Forgets 97's real age at times when she encounters the other. They do tend to end up cuddling each other a lot when they met up. The crash of 2 overly affectionately people = lots of cuddling. Though after a certain night where 49 had tucked 97 in bed, has come to the realization that she missed looking after someone like she did with her younger brother. She has been somewhat avoiding the firebomber because of her own confusion.
  • 108: 49 finds the young woman extremely serious if leveled headed. Doesn't have much contact with the woman. But thinks 108 is a bit young and needing to work on being more confident and assertive in her interactions with people.
  • 109: Very unamused with his training methods. Very unamused. She had berated the man for leaving out his extremely potent alcohol where 188 can get it, and had a few words with him concerning the training of 123.
  • 123:
  • 131:
  • 134:
  • 136:
  • 139: A sniper she doesn't see much anymore. Extremely amused that man is attracted to her even though he is gay. May tend to be more provacative just to see that reaction just for that reason.
  • 145: The man had a crush on her for awhile. She teased him once in front of 06. Kissed her when she accused him of being gay. Now the young man has moved on and is dating 87.
  • 188: After a mishap with 109's special potent alcohol, she saved the woman from some acute alcohol poisoning. Finds the woman extremely irresponsible and in desperate need of help for her problem.
  • 192:
  • 195: Has never encountered 195 as an enemy of the agency, but she knows he use to be an enemy. Finds it extremely disturbing how he knows her name, especially as he had collected it as an enemy. It makes her a tad paranoid why the enemy would need her information.
  • 197: Only talked to 197 at the behest of 198, and talked to her about her feelings. She had asked the spy to take her partner out to go do some shopping so that 198 isn't walking around the HQ naked.
  • 198: She had asked him to do research for the cure for Abigail. They ended up talking about his social issues and 49 had offered him some advice. She finds him to be a little socially retarded, but she is medically interested in the unique properties of his blood.
  • 203:
  • 204: Hasn't met the girl, but has recieved a Mother's day gift from her. Apparently 123 has adopted the girl for her.
  • 205: After noticing the lack of proper procedure that 205 had in treating patients, she had decided to give the girl some training and direction. She offered to train, but turned down her offer of being partners.

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  • Tends to use endearments like: Darling, sweetheart, dear, sweetie... ect. (Note that she will never use Honey, hun, hunnie ect. There was only one person she called that.)
  • Gives away condoms and reminds everyone of safe sex. Could be a deeper reason to her outrageous actions though.
  • She has an irrational fear of rats. Will freak out very badly, scrambling away or clinging/crawling into the lap of the tallest or safest looking person around.
  • Used to take archery when she was in high school just because of her namesake. Is very out of practice though.
  • She wears a small charm bracelet with only 2 charms on it; a bear and a bow and arrows. Sometimes one can catch her staring at it with a very melancholy expression.
  • DOES NOT LIKE ALCOHOL AT ALL! Does not like seeing it, people drinking it, or being offered it. 49 is a one drink wonder and has no alcohol tolerance. (Note: Do not get her drunk. Shit will hit the fan because she is more talkative about things she normally wouldn't talk about. Plus do not I repeat DO NOT leave her alone when she is drunk.... or at least make sure there is a medic in chat if you do because they will be needed later)
  • The dates April 22 and October 29 has a lot of significance to 49. It is the dates that makes her more somber and quiet and she leaves HQ on those days. She'll get upset if you attempt to follow her.
  • She is a member of the DivaSquad
  • Somewhat enjoys the 50s tea parties that occur on the roof.