A-gents Wiki

Name: Ariane Bäcker

Age: 21

Height: 5' 0"

Weight: 102 lbs

Blood type: AB+

Class: Brawler

Ability: controlling shock waves. She can make the particles in the air move as if there was an explosion.


Ariane was born and lived in Falkensee, Germany. She never met her father and her mother died in a fire when she was 4 years old, she developed her abilities at a very young age after been taken to a orphanage, after a few years she gathered a small group of friends and escaped, they ended up leaving on the streets of Berlin, little by little she lost her friends on the way until she just roamed the streets learning to fight her way around the hard way, she learned how to use her ability properly when she was about 16 and dedicated to just blow up anyone or anything blocking her path.


Biological Mother: Lilith Schäfer, 87 has very little memories of her since she died when she was around 4 years old; she cherishes the image of her mother very dearly.

Biological Father: Unknown.

Foster Father: Michale Bäcker, he's not legally her foster father but she doesn't care, she's considered him her father since he took her in from the streets.

Foster Sister: Chyo Backer, lived with Michales from before they took Ariane in, they're best friends and 87 would do very literally anything for her.


39: She thinks he's verry sweet and nice, she may not act like it but she respects him a lot as her superior, she also thinks he can be very 'bad-ass' when in missions

42: Ever since she got to the agency she's admired her greatly, she wishes 42 could gave her some fashion tips some day.

44: She feels very well around him since she's able to speak in German, she also thinks he's kind of cool even thou he's so emotionless.

50: She likes her very much and looks forward to training with her, she also felt very guilty for the injury in Del's arm.

52: she likes her very much as a person but she's one of her less favorite doctors, she will never let go of the fact that she was scolded for baking to much. ( she loves Bertha and Ernie thou)

53: One of her favorite superiors, she respects her and sees her as sort of a big sister.

54: She didn't like him much at first for his snobby behavior, although she respects him very much, she was a bit jealous when she learned how old he was and how further up in rank he was compared to herself; but she thinks he's rather shy and cute now,

55: by far her favorite medic, she likes him very much and thins he's kind of funny.

69: Her favorite superior. she loves being around her and finds Trist to be a lot of fun, although knowing she can see ghosts made her a bit uneasy at first.

77: thinks he's and idiot but maybe not as much as 74, used to get really angry at almost everything he and 74 did but has learned to live with it, she even finds it amusing now that they're not so wild, his green hair is her platonic love.

107: She considers her one of her few true friends in the agency, trusts her with her life and thinks her perverted ways are rather fun.

109: she thinks he’s a nice guy but also very weird some times, she’d like to train with

145: Jackson is her boyfriend and she loves him dearly, they don’t get to spend as much time together as she would like; they do rather simple things when they see each other but she likes it that way, she thinks he can be a bit weird from time to time but finds it endearing in a way. It bothers her a little that their relationship sometimes revolves much more around the physical rather than the sentimental side and she’s a bit frightened by how some times he seem to want to speed things up in the relationship.

Extra info:
• She can’t remember things like her birthday or her parent’s names properly.
• Even thou she lived in the streets she is a bit to naive and childish at times.
• Has grown to use her abilities just as a way to survive instead of just creating havoc whenever she felt like it.
• She uses pretty much anything she finds around to fight but finds long object easier to fight with.
• She thinks of the agency as some sort of a family.
• She enjoys bitch-slapping people with her awfully long sleeves when she’s annoyed.