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Amalia DeVir

Age- 22 H: 5"4 w: 127 Number: 99

Ability:Special "Focus"- Ability to remain very intent and focused on the subject of interest. Like studying for a class, the "focus" ability allows you to become more knowlegeable about a particular subject, giving you a better chance when dealing with it. Watchin a person can help you figure out their speech patterns, fighting style, notice the tiny things in any mannerism. Used in her Medic profession, it allows her to locate what it wrong with the bodys's usual rhythm.

Downside- can only use "focus" on one thing at a time, and prolnged focus may lead to obsession. Once object of focus changes, user looses all things gained from the prior object. (IE a good sense of their fighting style, habbits, codes, ect.) Must remain within good conditions to use "focus"( like a still enviornment or a quiet one. Cannot begin to tap the "focus ability if caught in the middle of a fight, but focus does not break if tapped aat least 10 minutes prior to said fight.) Using this ability leaves the Agent more vulnerable to all other attacks. Not useful for team fighting.

Character Personality: Nearly always has the best intentions at heart. A people pleaser. This often leads to her being pushed around by the other novices as she is always willing to cover their shifts as Medic. Often a worry wart, she always is asking people how they are feeling, offering them a diagnostic scan (even if they dont need it). Has a positive outlook on life, and dissapproves greatly of unneeded violence. Usually feels awkward around small children (5-10 year olds) as she dosent feel a connection to them. Their naiveity often makes her feel troublesome, as she fears that one day their inncocence will be shattered like glass.

Backstory: Amalia grew up in a hungarian lower middle class family. Her mother was a buisness woman, and her father was never around. Due to that, her Mom was often working late nigts, leaving Amalia to look after her little brother Izsak. Izsak was a very adventerous boy who often got in trouble with kids in the neighborhood, leaving Amalia to stick up for him. One day Izsak got into too much trouble. A dare from some local thugs, landing him badly bruised and broken in a hospital bed. Helpless to do anything, she simply could do nothing but look at her little brother, trying desperately to figure out wat was wrong with him. Maybe she could help the doctors. It was during this time she discovered her "Special Focus". She didnt exactly know what to do, but could tell that something was wrong with his heart. She didnt know why, she could just feel it in her gut that it was beating...oddly. When she went to tell the doctors, they insisted his scans were clear. They refused to listen to the words of a 13 year old. Her bother Izsak died later that night due to....you guessed it: heart complications, leaving her with the determination to use her ability to become a great doctor. She worked at Mercy Hospital for a few years, untill she one day got an unexpected new job offer...

Present Day:

At the A-Gency, she had her first encounter with Ryonell on a mission entitled "The Lost Ship". She used her Focus on him in an attempt to create a safety net of familliarity if battle was to follow. This was a mistake, as her mind was blasted with horrid images of all of the things in the past that Ryonelle had done. Images of death, destruction, ect. Unable to end her Focus, the negative side effect led to an obsessive fear of Ryonell. The very mention of his name makes her flinch and the sight of him is enough to make her freeze in terror.