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Alice Dreyfus. Former villain with long-lasting impact on the Agency.

Name: Alice Maria Dreyfus (has gone by many aliases)

Rating: 4.5

Birth Date: July 23, 1882

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5ft. 3 in.

Weight: 103 lbs.

Shoe Size: 5.5

Blood Type: B-

Astrilogical Sign: Leo

Chinese Zodiac: Horse

Power: Power Assimilation If Alice murders an individual who possesses a power, she assimilates the ability of that person. However she may only possess so many at one moment and it is unknown as to whether or not she might dispose of an ability after using it. It is presumed not as the pattern of her actions has her bringing opponents close to death or even wishing for death, but never quite dead. Whenever she assimilates a new power, it weakens her other abilities she possesses, a thing she learned quickly so as to stop at possessing only two powers.

-Mental Suggestion This power has become her standard one to utilize, beginning as rather useless with an individual, it grows in power the better acquainted with that person's nature or process of thought. However, this ability does not work on things that do not possess a mind to pluck strings in, such as intelligent machinery, animated objects, et cetera.
If she knows an individual on a deep, intimate level then it is utterly impossible for that person to resist, however if she has just met the target then it is likely that she will not even be able to interject the smallest thought or idea into their mind.

-Cosmetic Regeneration A vain ability she sought out for herself, this ability keeps her from aging, furthermore it keeps her from developing scars from battle- a thing she was deeply concerned about in all honesty. She heals at a slightly heightened rate and there are never any lasting effects of an injury (unless an entire limb is removed or something on that level) and anything used to force aging onto her body will fail.

Weapon: Alice rarely takes part in open combat, preferring to instead have her peons do the dirty work for her. However, when placed into battle, she finds that a rather good method of killing people quickly is with whatever she manages to find on hand, if there is nothing, however then she will resort to using a small six-shot pistol she keeps tucked away on her person for emergencies.

Alice Dreyfus was born to a prostitute in London, England on the date of July, 23rd, 1882. Alice Dreyfus lived a relatively modest existence for a lengthy portion of her life, partaking in relatively little to no crimes as nothing of any significance has lasted through the years. Petty theft dominates, ranging from pickpocketting and petty theft of things such as bread of food items. It is believed that due to the nature of these crimes, she was in fact very poor at the time, However; it appears to be that there was a drastic change and due to the lack of presence held by her family after this point (they disappear entirely) it is assumed that they have perished in this point in time. Following this, Alice is noted to have escalated into violent crimes, including various murders attributed to her. After a good four years proceeding with this, she fell under the notice of any official reports or knowledge. Due to this, it is generally disputed as to whether or not this individual really was Alice. However, there is enough supporting evidence to warrant note here within the files at the Agency.


After such an event, Alice found that she had been inspired into creating something stronger, something more grand to hold her ideas and ideals for how her life and experiences should be, using her newly obtained resources to aid in the building an empire within the London underground, although that is not to say that it remained limited to there. In fact, it flourished, spreading towards the mainland of Europe and extending it's tendrils into the societies of many countries, always starting in the underbelly of the city before taking and capturing the more higher class individuals whom Alice preferred interacting with anyways, finding their naivety of the real world and in depth knowledge of the arts and booksmarts to be absolutely adorable, loathing their position and who they were and lusting for the recognition to be as theirs.

Unfortunately, there seemed to be the commonly arising problem of her incapability to follow along with some of the more cultured conversation topics, she couldn't read, she couldn't follow the discussion and to a degree, that angered her and despite her social shortcomings, those she came across seemed to navigate to her company after a while of separation from the woman. It is believed her ability to distort perception was already active even at this young point in her life, likely gained previously in her exploits in murder and she quickly began making work to take advantage of her newly assimilated power.

Written into the will of a well to do woman, she acquired vast tracts of land and a rather lavish home on the property, this became, with time a base of operations. She accumulated a collection of waifs from the street and some people she abducted while others she lured in with charms until eventually she had enough people to keep the place running and she began with the harvesting of her extraneous personell.

As time progressed, it was noted that Alice ceased aging and her cuts and scrapes healed rather quickly- this was believed to have been harvested intentionally from among her stock of followers. Nonetheless, it ensured that the woman would be a long standing problem.

She toured over Europe, setting up small hubs of power to hoard her possessions before returning to the United Kingdom where she spent a portion of time lurking in Scotland. After this period of time, the subject Ainsley Ferguson was almost constantly at her side.

Neither of them aged.

Eventually she fled from Europe, taking a fair number of people with her across the Atlantic Ocean by ship to the United States to escape World War II, once in the United States she took up much of the crime she had left behind for more grand things in order to get back on her feet and indeed, with the help of her slaves she did so easily enough.


Alice and her forces were brought up arms against the Agency, wishing for a blind eye to be turned to their nature of planning, yet even in the times where the Agency was less known for their mercy, they saw the threat posed by the woman and her nearly cult-like following and sought to stop them. The battle that was fought was long, something that might have served to the folk who were easily attached to people and things or very open about themselves, even in battle as this gave Alice a clear manner for manipulation, learning of her opponents while in the thick of battle, itself. However, the three days of fighting ended rather abruptly when Alice found her death and her corpse lay mangled somewhere amidst the corpses that lay scattered over the battlefield. They received a positive ID on dental records taken on one of the bodies, burnt entirely from head to toe. However, this was nearly undeniable proof that it was, in fact Alice that died on the field. And so Alice perished along with 73 followers, one of which was recruited, however. Ainsley Ferguson. Becoming a loyal, if not relatively unsound man who constantly seems to place the mission over all other things when performing his duties. This is believed to be one the the many echoes of Alice's hold on him.

(Currently Agent 60) Ainsley Ferguson was not the only one affected, however. Many Agents present at the time of battle who fought one on one with Alice remember the woman fondly, a couple even confessed that they believed they were in love with the woman after the fight. One Agent even committed suicide, saying they could not wait any longer to be at 'Her' side in death.

After the defeat of Alice, it was made apparent that there were many others that she had at her disposal that she had simply done away with in whatever manner pleased her, searching her quarters they found rooms of taxidermied bodies, angled and arranged to function as furniture, some of these persons being individuals chosen for the simple fact that they had encountered the Agents and the Agency had become a source of irritation for the woman. Rather than attacking them, she had chosen to attack those they had come in contact with. Scantily clad, it appeared that the bodies were only wearing clothes to cover of the signs of their dying and from the looks of it, they had all been allowed the time to kill themselves. Some bearing long slash marks to open up veins and others horribly bruised while one had it's entire face poorly repositioned after some difficulty due to a smashed in face, likely a jumper of sorts. Other things of note to be found within her abode were people who's perceptions were so mangled and destroyed they had to be murdered to end their own misery, a small 'pack' of hunting hounds kept in a kennel composed of men and women she had taken into her care with a noticeably industrious breeding program in the works, the men and women and children of the small group entirely enthralled in their belief that they were, in fact, canines. Of course there were more atrocities to be found, people she had not finished murdering, left in bloody messes to rot in their own excretions, the more deeply you would look into the building, the more you would come to realize how fortunate her soldiers were.

Three of the team sent to infiltrate Alice's forces returned, having been met with heavy opposition. With time they all died and one had committed suicide, a testament to inhumanity displayed as art in the Dreyfus Manor. To this day it remains off-limits and is believed to be haunted by local rumors and because of which, it is subject to hushed whispers and superstition.

Random Facts: - She enjoyed playing with her pawns, oftentimes not even revealing to them that she intends to make use of them and plucking at their emotions to make them choose to side with her.

- Alice takes pleasure in the little things in life, oft to be found partaking in a little craft like knitting or a game such as hopscotch. Despite her dry and even cruel manner of viewing the world, she seems to take joy from things such as a child might do. Because of this, she might seem rather harmless when encountered.

- Prefers a one on one encounter with an enemy, and if she achieves this, then it is likely she will be more interested in chatting with the subject, engaging in pleasant conversation and partaking in whatever activities spring to her mind. Of course, the end goal in this is the utter domination of that person's mind but it is a slower manner of 'death' and much less painless than outright having one of her slaves murder you.

- Many Agents who have previously fought her in battle (especially those who have encountered her on multiple occasions) have fond memories of her, and think of her fondly, despite whatever she might have done in the battle, itself.

- One of her former 'slaves' was in fact, Agent 60, Ainsley Ferguson. This is made evident by the man's seeming obsession with the woman, even 21 years after her death the subject of Alice is a delicate one with the Agent, often bringing him to long fits of health degrading work.