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Alec Gardello

Name: Alec Gardello

  • Code Name: 65
  • Class: Medic
  • Ability: Levitation/Flight
  • Partner: 49 (Colin Walker)
  • Age: 27
  • Birthday: March 19th
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Blood Type: B
  • Weight: 135 lbs
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Mint Green
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: Italian/Greek
  • Family: Mother - Achima Demetriellis & Father - Dario Gardello
  • Orientation: Bisexual
  • Religious Views: Atheistic

Distinguishing Features:
--Slightly upturned nose

--Scar on his right brow
--Italian accent (he tries to sound as refined as possible)
--Both ears pierced twice

--His hair
--Acoustic guitar and classical music
--Tea and plants (owns bonsai)
--History, although he is terrible at remembering it
--Writing and doodling on his notepad

--His accent and nose
--His beretta
--His father
--Brash people
--Anyone smarter than he is

--To find someone that truely loves him
--To become head medic
--To save lives
--To treat an alien captured for the Science department - Dissected aliens in Base 02

--Not being liked
--Interplanetary travel
--Losing a patient
--Making a mistake on the battlefield

Important Inventory:
--Tablet and pen
--Hair tie


Minor assistance in the Protect the Ambassador mission.


Molestation of Agent 49 (Colin Walker) - Punishment Issued - 31 day exile to Base 02.

General Personality:
Alec is a bit self-conscious about everything from his nose to his accent (he feels it makes him sound rude or uncultured). Eager to please, he is quick with his work and following orders, shouting "yes sir" over his shoulder as he rushes off. He doesn't carry himself with much confidence, but tries to cover up his insecurities with a haughty attitude. Sometimes he may even come off as cold, being short and curt to a select few of his patients, but this is simply him trying to be professional. Alec is one to carry guilt or sorrow for long periods of time and often has difficulty with forgiving himself. He keeps things to himself and is never fully honest regarding his regrets or his past. He enjoys to venture onto the battlefield simply because he feels useful, but in all actuality he hates to fight (especially using his father's gun). All in all he is kind and longs for deeper relationships be them friendships or otherwise to replace those he left behind in Italy.

Talent and Skills:

  • Knows five Final Fantasy songs on piano
  • Can tie a knot in a cherry stem
  • Some singing talent that he rarely shares

Born into a Mafioso family, Alec never really had a quiet life. He lived among his father's friends and fellow mobsters, learning words and actions he shouldn't have until he was much older. Son of an Italian man and a Greek woman, Alec grew up disciplined, strong and confident. His mother's strict rules and emphasis on punishment shaping his obedient nature while his father's strong hand and robust nature shaped his tongue. His father was very proud of his son and looked forward to the day when he would replace him at the top of his gang.


However, at nineteen, when Alec told his father he wasn't interested in joining the mob and would instead like to be a doctor, he was shunned and thrown out of the family, causing him to doubt himself and his actions. He had always been interested in helping others, especially after he spent a night with his uncle, removing bullets from the more unlucky gangsters. He spent many a night with his uncle, learning how to remove bullets and set bones as well as sever limbs. After being kicked out of the family, Alec began to look for work. He eventually found it at a biolab that developed prosthetics and excelled swiftly, his ability to float around the tables aiding him at completing his work more efficiently.

One night, he received a call from someone he didn't recognize. They explained to him that they had watched him, were interested in his ability and his skill. They told him that they were from the World Protection Organization Against Paranormal, Supernatural and Alien threats and in need of medics. Eager to make something of himself, Alec agreed to join without hesitation. Still close with his mother, he called her and informed her that he would be leaving. He lied to her, telling her that he would be working as a Medic for the military. At least it was similar to what he would be doing, right? She asked him to visit one last time. When he arrived his father gave him his own Baretta 93R and told him to use it well. Alec detested it. His mother, however, gave him the coat he wears today begging him to return to her someday... Alive, too.

When he first joined the agency, he was enamored by their professional atmosphere, clean environment and high tech equipment. He was even a bit overwhelmed by all of the things there were to learn. However, eager to put what knowledge he had to good use, he paid close attention to his superiors and worked his way through his studies until he became a full fledged Medic. His first battle was a tough one for him. He was used to the blood and gore of the after-battle, but actually seeing the wounds inflicted and hearing the cries of pain was different. He rushed from victim to victim, administering pain medication while holding off enemies with the gun he detested so much. He was shoved away several times and told "I don't need help" more than he could count, but he never faltered. He doesn't mind venturing out into battle if he has to, but would much rather leave the Baretta behind and focus on healing his teammates. He enjoys his office much more, as well as the peaceful activities he can enjoy there while not working such as trimming his bonsai and listening to music that most don't seem to appreciate anymore.


Alec Gardello formed a romance with a target of his family (Alessandro Mangiardi) and was forced to kill him by his father. After this incident, his father saw how unwilling he was to eliminate targets by order and exiled him from the family.


Alessandro Mangiardi (DECEASED) - Ex-lover

Romeo Balsamo / Constazio Della Badia / Seamus Quinn - Friends of Alec's from Italy.

04 - Dislike / Jealousy

60 - Admiration / Interested in knowing more

42 - Romantic Interest / Admiration / Confides In

49 - Affection / True Love / Partner / Best Friend - UNREQUITED

50 - Trusts / Good Friend / Saved his life with a Coke

41 - Romantic Interest / Physical Attraction

52 - Confides In / Trusts / Romantic Interest

53 - Confides In / Interested in knowing more

54 - Friend / Physical Attraction

66 - Dislike / Distrust / Interested in knowing more

83 - Good Friend / Prior Complicated Romance

117 - Romantic Interest / Medical Interest / Interested in knowing more / Affection

134 - Good Friend / Complex Romantic Feelings

160, 161 - Amused By