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There is a lot people don't know about Agent 60. And a lot he does not know about himself.

Name: Ainsley Ferguson
Nicknames: Eyphah, Aisy-Daisy, Any, Most Precious One, Asshole
Number: 90
Birth Date: February 18, 1925
Gender: Male
Class: Assassin
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 130 lbs.
Shoe Size: 7.5
Blood Type: O-
Astrilogical Sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac: Ox

Power: Anamorphic Shape
He can change his shape at will which can manifest in a myriad of ways. He can either use it to turn a limb into a more effective weapon or he may use it to aid in getting into a space that would normally be impossible to. Despite the many different ways he may use this power- the downside is that it requires energy and if he resorts to it too much without allowing time to regain that lost energy then he runs the risk of passing out of exhaustion.
He cannot use this power to assume the shape of another person as he doesn't know the mannerisms or exact details of a person and to mimic all of these things is to the level to pass anything off even remotely similar to the person would require a higher understanding of the person than physically possible. He has no way of knowing the number of skin cells on your flesh, nor the number of hairs on your head and he has no time for such things.
Anything changing shape or not defined to have color after having changed shape is a glossy, semi-translucent black similar to obsidian in appearance though to the touch it will feel like whatever matter of himself he used to create the new shape.
Ainsley intends to further look into the possibility of utilizing his power as a means to assume various sorts of shapes, although it does not appear to work in the same sort of manner as a shapeshifter might and it is highly disorienting for him- however he sees no harm in the attempt of such a thing.

As an assassin- he finds it's best to leave as little a trace as possible so he resorts to an arsenal of poisons to be delivered as best seen fit. Plus it has the added bonus of not being messy (unless, of course that's what you're going for).
On top of this, Agent 90 has begun recieving the occasional lesson from Agent 117 concerning martial arts and self defense in order to better make use of such things in combat to further his efficiency. He has read much about the moves he intends to learn, but has done little to none concerning it in practice. Agent 90 intends for it to be a very beneficial experience.

He was born a relatively middle class fellow in Glasgow, Scotland and overall his childhood is a rather unremarkable thing. He had a mother, a father, a younger sister and an array of aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was a good childhood.
Young Ainsley began his life of crime rather modestly, beginning with petty crimes and things of that sort however at the age of seventeen he met a woman by the name of Alice and he seemed to fall in love with her instantly, much to the surprise of his family and comrades. He began investing more and more hours in his relationship with her until he seemed to have completely cut his ties off with his former acquaintances. It was like Ainsley Ferguson had fallen off of the very face of the earth.
In reality, he was furthering his reputation with the help of the mysterious young Alice who appeared to be only perhaps two years younger than he and very odd for the habits she kept. Nonetheless, they were stuck together in every waking moment and even, upon the odd occasion they could be found in bed together though very difficult to stumble upon on accident considering the noises they made.
His devotions and cares seemed to funnel quickly to the woman, upon facing a situation where threatened with the choice of family or this woman he hadn't met but too long prior, he murdered his family to eliminate the possibility. He stated it was because they could not defend themselves and that to have them die alone and in agony for him would be selfish. So he slaughtered them quickly and whispered kind words in their ears as they passed, possibly to ease his conscience.
After that, there was no genuine tie to Ainsley to keep him separated from the woman and their life continued like this, crossing over to the young country of America to escape the war and continuing on their life of crime, escaping from whatever troubles threatened to crush their dreams and young love. However, when Ainsley discovered he was... different, he found he had this power he revealed it to Alice tentatively with fear that she might revile him as some unholy villain.
Oddly enough, such was hardly the received reaction.
Learning to use his abilities to maximum efficiency they managed to bring in more income, their crimes becoming more and more elaborate with the passing of time, Alice handling the complexities of their work and teaching Ainsley the ropes while Ainsley took charge of leading their ever growing group of followers. It wasn't until many years later, realizing the people come and gone and that while he had an excuse for his agelessness... Alice had none. He asked, and he was told it was not important and that was the end of it, Ainsley remained with his coquettish little devil for many years until they began to fall under the scrutiny of a group of agents.
The loss of everything they had was swift and at the time and in the chaos Ainsley himself was captured and since the event he hadn't seen Alice ever again. Upon being captured he was given the choice to reform. When I say choice, I mean there was none.
So now he works here, running missions and whatever the higher ups want of him... and some would say that he enjoys his jobs a bit too much.
Those who were present long enough within the organization to have known Ainsley when he first arrived could tell you how drastically he changed upon his first month or two of being there, originally a rather caring fellow- very quick to lend a hand and rarely one to criticize, he quickly changed his manner as it seemed an outer shell fell away and he began his notorious reign as chief asshole on base.

Recent Developments:
Ainsley had found a portal in his room, and upon being pulled through was in the presence of the one and only Ryonell. What happened after that has commonly been referred to as 'soul rape' since The Event. (And it has only ever been referred to as 'The Event' since it's happening.) The effects of The Event are varied on Agent 90. Among the things that have happened because of it is the development of Agent 201, also known as Conchis Mephisto (or more affectionately: Connie) who was created from a portion of Ryonell's soul that attatched to 90 over the course of the 'soul rape' due to the handling of 90's soul without gloves. However, due to extrinuating circumstances, generally revolving around the mental health of Agent 90, himself... his memory of Conchis prior and during the execution of The Masquerade mission have been removed. At current he holds no memory of the man's origin or any sort of relationship they might have previously had. However, it appears to be that there is an undeniable tolerance Agent 90 feels toward Conchis when they are together. Possibly this is due to the fact that their souls are forever connected, as was learned by 90 after Connie posing the proposition of earning answers with kissing. Since then, he has also learned that Connie was born from a portion of Ryonell's soul- a thing that he had been made to forget previously.

With the passage of time, Ainsley has made request to have himself un-bonded from Conchis, this request was obliged and with the further passing of time, Conchis Mephisto was removed entirely from the base, much to Ainsley's liking.


  • Agent 03 (Luisa Dimanche): Agent 03 is a person that 90 does not hold in very fond standing, however he does hold respect for the woman. As Ainsley's superior, he intends to follow her orders and from what he has experienced thus far, he has little argument with the orders he is given.
  • Agent 42 (Oxana Siassimov): His relationship with Agent 42 is rocky at best and downright violent at it's worst, however it seems to be that these two refuse to give each other up. Oxana has even shot Ainsley repeatedly and they seem to simply have their heart to heart talk and move on, leaving it in the past. Ainsley, himself has even stated (under the influence of a hearty dose of morphine) that he considered Oxana to be like a sister to him, and it stands to be that like an older brother, Ainsley very much likes to have a hand in who she has chosen for romantic endeavors. Because of this, he has had something to do in the obtaining of every boyfriend she has had (save for one whom he made sure did not remain her boyfriend for long) and has overseen the regulation of her happiness to the best of his abilities. Some might call this sweet, and some might call this just another sick game playing with other people's lives for his own enjoyment.
  • Agent 55 (Rell Attwater): One of the most confounding and hot topics concerning his personal life, Agent 60's relationship is tumultuous and abusive, despite the fact that prior to Ainsley's opening up to Agent 42- Rell was the only Agent that 90 would trust with personal matters and even now there are things he prefers to keep between himself and Rell. When things are going particularly poorly for 90 or he is feeling sadistic that day, he will often torture Agent 55 by use of large amounts of water (be it by forcing 55 onto a water ride at an amusement park or locking him inside the room of the indoor pool) and such events are accompanied by the singing of an old folk song or two concerning he topic of drowning. Along with these interactions, Agent 60 has spent countless nights sleeping in Agent 55's bedroom when he lacks the desire or the ability to be in his own and even on occasion he has crept into Rell's bedchambers unannounced, leaving later with dissheveled hair and torn clothes. Much speculation has been made over the true nature of this odd relationship but nothing conclusive has been reached. However, it is known that he has met Agent 55 prior to becoming an Agent.
  • Agent 66 (Lauren Wesley): One of the Agents that Ainsley finds to be a great irritation, not on the level of hatred of course as he has done nothing threatening against him- however Ainsley does find that he should be placed into an understanding that respect should be given. Since he has found that Agent 66 does not believe that his finding of the number 90 in contrast to Lauren's own 66, Ainsley has been lead to conclude that he will need to manipulate and force a sense of understanding into him that when an order is given, it is to be taken notice of and be followed. Agent 90 looks forward to pulling apart this Agent he considers to be the fragile porcelain remains of a man and finding out what fragments lay underneath for him to find and draw into the light for all to see. He does not trust this Agent and believes him to be a threat. In general, he brings the worst out in Agent 66 and Agent 66 brings the worst out in himself.
    He resents Agent 66 for showing his recordings for Alice to most of those that he holds dear, making it so that for a period of time Agents 42 and 50 refused to talk with him and even still there is a rift caused and because of this, 40 is very, very set in his desire to destroy Agent 66 from the inside out.
  • Agent 50 (Adelaide Young): The manner of Ainsley's meeting with Agent 50 was not a pleasant one, however in the period of time between 90's several stints in altered states of mind he seems to have developed a tolerance of Miss Young. When under the influence of morphine, he has even stated that he considers Agent 50 to be like a daughter to him and has even given her permission to call him by his name rather than his rank. He is very wary of her ability to create talismans that manipulate others and has experienced it first hand with the creation of a talisman telling him to 'have a heart' which wreaked thorough havoc on the Agency for three days. It is unsure, however if Agent 90 has appropriately forgiven her for this action, although many believe that he has. With time, however Agent 90 has come to think of Agent 50 as somewhat of a daughter and has grown increasingly protective of her.
  • Agent 117 (Lio): At first, Ainsley's relationship with Agent 117 was a rather uncertain thing, him seeing the agent as being a repulsive half-wit.... actually, that hasn't changed. Anyways, by now the change appears to be Agent 117's developed loyalty towards 90 and Ainsley is not one to waste loyalty. He played a large hand in ensuring that Lio ended up courting Miss Oxana and is rather proud in it's current trend of success, one that he considers to be much better matched than the pairing between 42 and 66. He only hopes it might manage to last long enough for 42 to make note of the favorable qualities posessed by the man that, all in all seems to posess the traits of a dog.
  • Conchis Mephisto: Heralded as the one true pairing by some, 90 unfortunately is on very shaky grounds concerning 'Connie'. When sober, Agent 90 considers Conchis to be as a child and not worth the headache to associate with as 90 is very rarely fond of children. But when under the influence of either drugs or one of Agent 50's talismans, he treats Conchis 'Connie' rather fondly, preferring to be in his presence rather than separated. This, in part goes with the connection of their souls, a fragment remaining from his time holding Connie as only a voice within his head. Due to 90 no longer remembering, and Connie's remembering of the entire ordeal, the whole doting of affection is rather one sided... however Ainsley is beginning to notice the potential usefulness of having such a bear of a man be so fiercely loyal to you. He made intentions to make use of this, however he eventually came to think of Conchis as nothing better than Alice, due to the fact that the bond of their souls together was affecting the way he thought. Because of this, the bond was severed and 90 at current utterly despises Conchis.
  • Alice Maria Dreyfus: A love gone wrong and long gone, Alice is the most significant person in his life, even after several years of his losing her. He prefers to keep her a secret and keep any other from knowing of her existance and insists that she is, in fact, alive despite whatever any file might say about her. At first, this was taken seriously by his superiors but after an entire fiasco concerning him 'decoding' a hidden message from the nutrition facts on a can of diet soda and taking vacation time to stop the marriage of Alice to King Arthur in Las Vegas, Nevada... it has become generally accepted as a wild delusion on 60's part. Nonetheless, they let him entertain such delusions frequently, although occasionally step in when he disregards his health dangerously in favor of his madness. Several times a year, Ainsley will hole himself up in his room, looking over his notes and files, or even writing new ones in his attempt to locate Alice. Fortunately, Alice is long gone. This doesn't mean that she doesn't have a strong hold on him. For the past 21 years of being in the Agency, Ainsley has been recording messages in hopes that Alice might listen to them or watch them. He averages about two a week.

Random Facts:

  • He prefers cold food to hot and will often put traditionally hot foods in the refrigerator in order for them to cool down to his liking. Yes, this includes french fries and other things that do not even taste good cold.
  • When it comes to open combat, he prefers to wait until the opponent attacks him, using the force against them and taking advantage of the moment of impact to make an attempt at delivering poison to his enemy. When an opponent will not fight him, however- he will calmly stand there- awaiting the moment when his opponent loses their patience.
  • Ainsley will do anything within his power to avoid discussing his past and what has happened, he is also not fond of letting others know just how old he really is. He enjoys keeping his life encapsulated in secrets and little lies here and there in order to keep those secrets.
  • Due to the circumstances of his relationship with Alice, it appears to be that Ainsley's ability to experience emotion was grievously stunted. He is not a robot and is not trying to be like one, in fact he is trying very hard to be a person, though at times he misses social connotations from his words or he misses some subtleties of conversation.
  • No. He will not have sex with you. So do not ask.
  • Agent 90 greatly dislikes physical contact. If you are to hug, kiss, casually brush him then you do so at your own risk.
  • It is believed that the decline in emotion and general tolerability in Agent 90 resulted directly from the separation of himself from his former partner, Alice. However, there is no concrete evidence to support this theory.
  • He is highly allergic to peanuts. The ingestion of peanuts or products containing peanuts will induce anaphylactic shock and he would need to be transported to the medibay immediately. It does not come suggested that you put peanuts in his food, as he will almost certainly find you worthy of feeling a cold and swiftly delivered revenge.
  • Ainsley is constantly hoping that at any moment he might be pushed for promotion. It is an appropriation of power, and he enjoys such things very much.
  • Ainsley currently has 2 known children. One that he knows of in character, being Nina Siassimov, the aunt of his friend Oxana Siassimov. The other child is Kytt Dreyfus, the daughter of himself and Alice Dreyfus.