A-gents Wiki

The A-gents universe is filled with a number of exciting powers. This page will be used to better explain every Agent's power. (please edit your own agent's powers for further elaboration)

Active Agents~

Agent 01 -

Agent 02 - Web Connection

Agent 03 - Memory blast

Luisa has the ability to use her mind as a weapon and a way to gain information. Her powers are based on telekinesis.
Take and watch: With her ability she can take and watch memories. A simple explanation for this is: A dog getting a bone, Luisa’s ability being the dog and the memory the bone. She will receive the memories from present to last into her mind, being able to watch it at that point and decide to delete it or store it away for future reference. This also means she can watch someone’s dreams. As she forces herself into someone’s mind she can give the person a small head ache at times if they realize she’s doing that. She can choose to control this (as it’s always on), but when she is emotional she can give people headaches without wanting it.
Copy Paste and Edit: As said, her ability also allows her to edit memories, remove it, paste new ones in it, reform it. Though this ability is more for intern Agent use rather than using it during a mission or combat as Luisa is untrained with this and needs full focus. A side effect of her being untrained with this is that next to her normal head ache she will gain a migraine during it, so will the person on which she uses it. So it isn't exactly a "sneaky attack" or something a like.
Repeating: With her ability she’s also able to repeat memories in ones mind, good and bad ones. The basic of this is that the brain will send signals trying to stop it and will work too hard, causing the brain to protest and give the person it’s being used on a merciless head ache, which could lead to KO-ing and hallucinations.
Coma: With her ability she’s also able to put someone in a temporary coma (as demonstrated with Agent 49), locking them in old memories of themselves, but as this is an untrained part of her ability the person can easily wake up when they realize they are in an illusion and want to get out of it.
Erasing: She’s also capable of erasing memories, but as this is also an untrained part of her ability she rather not uses it. Since she could accidentally erase her own memories while she’s at it.
Red Glow: Another big thing her ability allows her to do is focusing her mind onto a part of her body, leaving a visible dark red aura composed out of raw psi-energy, which functions as to paralyzing a body part when touching it as she makes the brain temporarily forget how to use it. She can also use it to show people memories she stored.
Immunity: Her ability also makes her immune to any form of others’ telepathy- including telephatic attacks, probes or even attempts at communication (so as an example; 08 and 41 wouldn’t be able to use their powers on each other, it would create a big clash).
Weaknesses and Cons: {C}An ability as this knows a lot of weaknesses. Such as a head ache that won’t go away because of medicine. Needing focus when she uses her ability; a sudden phone call with a ringtone could easily break her concentration as an example. Though if someone is constantly screaming (so she expects it and it doesn't come as a surprise) she should be able to handle it. She also can’t use it while there’s a lot of people next to each other as she isn’t able to use her ability precise (as to choosing on who to use it). Also if her concentration gets broken without her wanting it she could get paralyzed for a long period. Another dangerous thing is that when she uses her ability too much she might go KO and loose her control, taking memories all around her, more than she can take. Which can bring her in a dangerous coma which could end up in killing her or make her mentally ill.

Agent 03 (ex) - Shadow Transportation

Agent 04- Tracking Consiousness

Sebastian’s ability is relies on his consciousness/soul being drawn to a point of interest via astral projection and a psychic connection to locate it. They required to be in current existence. Pronounced in a violet glow around his eyes, his ability is split into two separate levels of usage:

-Short range-: Activated by location question Sebastian’s eyes will light up purple and locate anything that is within the range of the eyes (yes he can see through objects). This ‘violet-eye’ vision works like tunnel vision however, and most peripheral vision is a blur of purple to him. -Long Range-: This requires a FRESH sample of DNA from a target, once consumed Sebastian will astral project his entire soul leaving his body in what appears to be a comatose state as it searches out unseen and unheard. Thankfully he can choose when to astral project.

Drawbacks: - Could be potentially in danger if anyone can sense spirits or seal them - His ability has caused an obsessive trait in his personality. Things that present an interest to him he will obsess over, from objects, games, places, and people - Short ranged: Cannot be turned off. Any and all location questions asked will cause him to see it immediately and the very reason why Sebastian hates people asking questions. - Long ranged: It has a time limit to get back into his body (at least 1 minute) and a time limit being outside his body. Supporting this ability forces a high blood pressure into his brain, and when coming out of it for more than 1 minute he’ll be slightly dizzy. Up to 10 minutes he’ll start to bleed from all orifices in his head as the pressure attempts to relieve itself. At 15 minutes his brain will hermorrhage severely and he will die. For this reason and his obsessive traits he carries around a set of mild tranquilizers just in case he tries to push his limits (will have to injected into his heart by someone else).

Agent 05 -

Agent 06 -

Agent 07 -

Agent 08 -

Agent 09 -

Agent 10 - Software Specialist

Arianna doesn't have any supernatural abilities, but she is extremely good at developing and working with software of any kind. She is also skilled at RE, or Reverse Engineering, which is when you take a program and take it apart to learn how it works.

Agent 34 - Stunning Sound

Produces sound that stuns/shocks the nearest people.

Range~ max of 20 ft Duration~ 1 to 2 minutes Notes~ Every time the user makes a sound vocally, this ability will activate. The closer you are when this ability is initiated, the more effect it will have. User is other wise 'mute' when not in a situation that calls for the use of this ability, as not to inadvertently shock/stun those about them.

Agent 39 - Empathic Sight

He can see emotions of other people that appear as auras around the person. Different emotions give off different colored auras which is handy when he is working.

Agent 42 - Night Vision

Can see clearly in a dark environment thanks to a super developed spectral range and intensity range.

Agent 43 - Medic Kit

She's a walking medic kit. Her ability to heal wounds and re-connect bones without the need for needles and plaster casts is welcome to the medical budget. She can also do internal surgery without breaking the surface, but this requires an intimate knowledge of the anatomy and Kate won't attempt it unless in certain situations. Her fingers can also act as a scalpel, and while she doesn't like to use them in combat situation, they will leave a nasty gash. The unfortunate downside to her ability is that it can be quite painful to the patient, even with painkillers and some will opt to go the long route if their injury is minor. Her specialties are emergency medicine and plastic surgery.

Agent 44 - Spectral Sensitivity Shifting

Agent 46 - Sonokinesis

This ability allows you to produce any level of sound and control any sounds. This ability can be used to amplify sounds, diminish or deplete sounds, block sounds, carry sounds over extreme distances and at high enough levels produce tremors through sound vibration. At extraordinary levels, may break the sound barrier, resulting in phenomenal effects (Sonic Boom, etc).

The Good Control thunder. Can mute people, Animals, Other sounds.

The Bad The body can only sustain so high a level of sound. May unintentional harm yourself or others.

Agent 49 - Object Enchantment

The ability to give life to inorganic objects. It is usually more difficult for objects to maintain it's life the further they are from the user except in certain circumstances. That is if the user endows more energy when the object is enchanted, or if the user has a stronger emotional tie to the object (More successful enchanting a favorite pen rather than someone else's).

The more well used the object the more life and personality it has. Typically objects tend to echo personality of the one who uses it the most. So enchanting something that belonged to a psychopathic killer is probably a very bad idea. On the other hand new objects have no personality, leaving Artemis with the task of training/raising it.

Agent 50 - Talisman Manipulation

The ability to write a short command on something and attach it to the victim to carry out the command; being unable to complete said command keeps them in a loop of continuing the command

Weaknesses: Removal of the command terminates it; the command cannot be long, complex, misspelt, or baring a double entendre; the command to kill oneself is ineffective as it goes against basic instinct, death must be effective by leading the victim to it through other commands (e.g. command ‘stay still’ that’s stuck on a person crossing the road)

Agent 51 - Molecular AccelerationIs

The ability to excite molecules on a subatomic level and depending on how much energy she applies it can either warm up a substance or create explosions. There are some limitations and restrictions on her powers. She can only excite liquids and solids. Gases are already at a heighten level and cannot be excited further. Another limit is the size and weight of the object she’s trying to excite. There is a maximum size and weight which depends on the total atomic weight of the substance. If the atomic weight is lower the more she can explode, the higher the weight the less she can. Another limit is that she can only excite things she can see so she cannot excite something that is on the other side of a door. She can however excite things that are in a person’s pocket if she knows it’s there.

Some more things she would never do. One is using her powers on something that is living. She can technically use it that way but due to her moral being she would never try to explode a part or whole living things.

Agent 54 - Blank Slate

Agent 54 has the ability to record and recreate mass.Blank Slate is a strange gel-like substance produced inside of his body which he can focus and produce from his right arm. When 54 touches any material with his left hand he can 'record' it. The material will then be recreated perfectly by the blank slate. 54 is then free to shape and model the slate into any form he can think of. Once the slate has been solidified it is an exact duplicate of the material he recorded.
It mimics the mass, weight, density, color, texture, and even taste of what he has recorded. The slate will be unidentifiable from the original material.
54 can copy iron, then using slate, shape it into an iron bar, shield, sword, statue, apple, anything he wants.
Anything that 54 has created out of slate will remain in that form unless he himself chooses to change it. If he wants to he can break something he has made down again and reabsorb it into his body, or change its material if he records over it again. However, he has to be within reasonable range of things to focus on them and remodel it.
Any recorded material stays inside of his mind as a database. And can be used repeatedly. However, he can only have one material in his 'database' at a time. In order to change materials he must touch and write over it with a new one.

Examples of recorded materials:

  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Crystal


  • 54 can only create something he can see in his head. If he does not know what something looks like, he cannot model it.
  • The process of modeling and changing the slate's form is slow. He cannot take a shield and instantaneously change it into a sword.
  • Producing too much slate at a time will make 54 tired and dehydrated.
  • He cannot change the weight of a material by will. He can't make an iron hammer and swing it around like it was light as a feather. It just doesn't work that way.


  • He can recreate any material as long as he has touched it with his left hand.
  • The slate is completely moldable when in a liquid form. He can change it into anything he can think of, and can control it freely.
  • In moments of extreme stress and trauma, the slate as responded in a self-defensive manner outside of 54's control. (( 150 has suggested it may have its own consciousness ))

Agent 55 - Cell Generation

With touch, he can cause cells grow extremely fast and heal wounds. This can heal injury quickly, or stabilize something life threatening, like a nicked artery. However, he will usually not heal something all the way, as Rell is imprecise with the art and does not want to 'go over' or generate cells past the healing point, also known as on-the-spot benign cancer.

The power tends to exhaust the user and/or receiver quickly, though dietary supplements can ease the price. Situations involving acid, poison, or a constant threat to the cells would be a losing battle until the source was removed.

Agent 59 - Reading vectors

Ability to see direction, speed and strenght of every movement in sight. See movement of inanimate objects as well as living beings. This ability translates vectors in arrows of various colors and shape.

Drawbacks: Using this ability causes headache because of the many informations the brain must record. Overusing this ability may cause blackout and continuous use damages the eye.

Agent 60 - Anamorphic Shape

He can change his shape at will which can manifest in a myriad of ways. He can either use it to turn a limb into a more effective weapon or he may use it to aid in getting into a space that would normally be impossible to. Despite the many different ways he may use this power- the downside is that it requires energy and if he resorts to it too much without allowing time to regain that lost energy then he runs the risk of passing out of exhaustion.

He cannot use this power to assume the shape of another person as he doesn't know the mannerisms or exact details of a person and to mimic all of these things is to the level to pass anything off even remotely similar to the person would require a higher understanding of the person than physically possible. He has no way of knowing the number of skin cells on your flesh, nor the number of hairs on your head and he has no time for such things. Anything changing shape or not defined to have color after having changed shape is a glossy, semi-translucent black similar to obsidian in appearance though to the touch it will feel like whatever matter of himself he used to create the new shape.

Agent 66 - Intangibility

Lauren possesses the ability to disconnect his molecular structure (known also as Phasing). He can deactivate the bonds between molecules, in themselves or objects. This allows him to to pass through the area between the molecules of solid objects, as easily as someone walking through water. This also counts for beings and projectiles, which is a high probability as to why he has no physical scars up to this point in time.

On the down side to this: - Re-adjoining his molecular structure while within a subject may cause pain or death; - Air or fluid within the body may not phase, and escape, so he has to be cautious when using this ability; - Dense objects (Like dark matter or lead) may be difficult or impossible to phase through; - Passing objects may throw molecules out of order, still causing damage, even though not contacting any cells; - He could become trapped underground or underwater, unable to re-materialize but also unable to climb out. - Electric and Life-Force energy could cause him to reconnect, or prevent them from ever reconnecting. - He might accidentally fall through floors, chairs, or other unintended targets if he is not aware of the area's surroundings.

Agent 69 – Sealing Stamp

Her own natural power is on a 'Spiritual' level. Tristyn has a heightened sense for spirits and ghosts, though she ignores it. She was raised by her Grandfather, who was the shaman of their Paiute Tribe. Now she owns a special Cane that she inherited(STOLE) from her grandfather. It has shamanistic power and used to be used by her grandfather for sealing rituals. In his hands, the staff had the power to lock away evil spirits in tokens and statues to protect their tribe.

In Tristyn's hands, the staff's power has altered because of her own spiritual powers. Through her power, the Seal works on a physical level. If Tristyn strikes someone with the end of the staff she will 'seal' it. It will disable a body part and make it heavy. The Seal works on a hierarchy, meaning it works and spreads from one point down. "Sealing" the hand paralyzes the fingers. Sealing the Elbow freezes the fore-arm, hand, and fingers. Sealing the Shoulder locks down the entire arm. If she strikes someone in the head or the back of the neck, she can seal the entire body.

Strengths: The Staff is 4 and a half feet long, giving her an increased reach to make it easier to hit her target. Once hit, the seals take effect. Makes it good for immobilizing her opponents to give her the advantage.

Weakness: Each Seal only lasts a few minutes. If someone is wearing extremely thick or dense clothing/Armor she can't get through and the seal would be wasted. If her seal hits an electronic device it'll short out and break.

Agent 70 - Immunity

This enables him to prevent himself from getting sick, poisoned or anything else that could be caused by infection. This also means he has a bit of capability to heal wounds faster, but as he is a scientist, the biggest wound he could possibly get is a burn on his thumb or so. So the main purpose of his powers is to be able to fight any bacteria or parasite or anything a-like to come inside his body and cause him to become unhealthy or poisoned. Which is very handy during his job as he doesn’t have to wear gasmasks or anything of that sort.

Agent 74 - Blaster

The power to create small bombs out of thermal energy, with about enough power as a Hand grenade and the same effect as a fragment grenade, doesn't work as well in cold areas.

Weaponry: Arm cannon- Uses the blaster bombs as ammunition boasting both a Laser setting and scatter shot setting, The laser setting firing a concentrated beam, and the scatter setting firing several rounds of scatter shots that explode on contact.

Agent 77 - Languages Master

He is able to speak/understand any language. All he has to do is listen and his mind decodes it. He can also read and write the language once he knows it well enough. However, he can't understand animals.

Agent 78 - Mind Control

Jessie's ability is basically to be able to enter people's minds and control their bodies to an extent. However, when she does that, she leaves her own body, leaving it vulnerable to attacks or any of that sort. Once her consciousness has left her body and entered another one's mind, the person being invaded can fight it off - if the person is strong-willed enough. Is this the case and does the invaded person indeed try to fight Jessie off, then it takes a lot of energy and concentration for her, not to return to her own body and thus lose the control.

She cannot really influence or control 'minds', it's more of a body control but seeing as Jessie invades the mind with her own, it can be seen as a mix of both body and mind control. However, if the person she is currently controling gets hurt, so will Jessie, as soon as she returns to her own body.

Disadvantage: If she stays in a body/mind for too long, her mind will mix with the person she is currently controling and she cannot return to her own body.

Agent 80 - Fast Forward

Allows the user to complete an action within a very short amount of time (examples: repairing, eating, reading, writing, etc.). However, there are certain actions that won't have any effect (examples: Cooking, sleeping, driving, etc.). In addition, the energy is drained from the user’s body when used (which caused the user to become very tired once the energy is depleted).

Agent 87 - Shockwaves

87’s ability allows her to recreate the shockwaves of explosions by moving the particles in the air towards other objects at different speed.

By knowing what something is made of in its majority she can even make it explode from the inside, or make objects levitate by knowing its approximate weight.
She doesn’t trend to do this with living things since its harder to keep them from getting hurt if they’re moving around while she propels them.
She can use it freely until a certain point, when this limit is reached the shockwaves are harder to control, usually resulting on them hurting her body in some sort of recoil-like way.

Agent 88 - Bio Toxin Production

Matthew constantly produces and exudes various bio-toxins. They build up in his mucus membranes, and exit his body through his sweat, saliva, and breath. However, since he has absolutely no control over the production of these toxins, he’s actually quite hazardous to any surrounding life without his protective gear.

Agent 90 - Power reducer

She can temporarly weaken the powers of others with a visible energy force she projects from her hands. Using this power wears her out from the negative energy she is releasing from her hands. If she uses her ability too much to an extent she cannot handle, she could temporarily or permanantly lose her powers.

Agent 93 - Technology Friend

Can communicate / operate machines, such as robots, for example a vending machine for a candy bar you just "talk " to it without putting money or anything.

Agent 96 - Incombustible

She is immune to fire or heat in general. Her body cannot be harmed by fire or heat - but her clothes certainly can.

Agent 99 - Focus

Ability to remain very intent and focused on the subject of interest. Like studying for a class, the "focus" ability allows you to become more knowlegeable about a particular subject, giving you a better chance when dealing with it. Watchin a person can help you figure out their speech patterns, fighting style, notice the tiny things in any mannerism. Used in her Medic profession, it allows her to locate what it wrong with the bodys's usual rhythm.
Downside- can only use "focus" on one thing at a time, and prolnged focus may lead to obsession. Once object of focus changes, user looses all things gained from the prior object. (IE a good sense of their fighting style, habbits, codes, ect.) Must remain within good conditions to use "focus"( like a still enviornment or a quiet one. Cannot begin to tap the "focus ability if caught in the middle of a fight, but focus does not break if tapped aat least 10 minutes prior to said fight.) Using this ability leaves the Agent more vulnerable to all other attacks. Not useful for team fighting.

Agent 108 - Inmunity to gunshots

Immunity to Gunshots—the ability to not feel pain or suffer from being shot, no matter what kind of gun is used or what kind of bullets are used. Any bullet wound shall regenerate. No blood is shed. Even if Nahel shot by a hundred bullets at once, her body will still be able to recover from the damage. Nahel can start the regeneration process at any time which is useful when pretending to be hurt.

This ability is troublesome when a bullet doesn't exit through her body completely. Until the bullet is extracted, Nahel can't heal that particular wound. Most of the time Nahel tries to take out the bullets herself despite being advised not to do so, but when all her work fails, eventually she goes to a medic to take the bullets out.

Nahel is still vulnerable to other injuries that are not caused by gunshots. If a bullet is laced with poison, the poison will still take affect on her.

Agent 109 - Limit Break

Limit Break allows him to unlock an extra percentage of his mind allowing him to do multiple things:

- Immensely heightening his perception & reaction time - Increase his threshold for pain - Slightly increase his muscle strength - Recall mental and muscle memories with clarity Drawbacks: - He can only use this state of mind for a few minutes without the risk of mental fatigue. - Needs to be silent and still for about a minute to enter that state. - If he stays in that state of mind, too long, it will really wear him out to the point of passing out or being hospitalized.

Agent 110 - Rampage State

Numbs all pain receptors, removes her emotions, and gains up to 50 times her regular strength. She is also able to kill without remorse or holding back.

You can tell when she is in this state because her eyes seem to become very dull and she acts colder to people. If her state is triggered by something other than her own command, such as her emotions triggering it, she loses complete control of it. This means she cannot stop it easily. If she does this or uses her power for an excessive period of time she has a risk of loosing emotions entirely.

Agent 117 - Regenerative Healing Factor

The regenerative factor is provided by a gland, as small as a coffee bean, situated into the brain. The gland cannot die or stop working. If the head is chopped, then the body will regenerate from the head itself(where the gland can produce the substance).

- It allows Lio to regenerate very rapidly any parts of his injured body. - More severe are the wounds, more time it takes to regenerate. - That also means that Lio cannot die. But, if by example, his body explodes, it can takes months before he looks like a human again. - His power also grants him to age very slowly. - The healing factor CANNOT be used to heal another person. It's only one sided.

The gland CANNOT heal - - If it is stuck into a place without oxygen or into a too high temperature zone (lava by example) - If it is frozen - If it's lifetime is finished (How much time it can lives? No one knows)

Agent 120 - No Nervous Feedback

Rosa's nerves don't work like normal people's nerves. The nerves only work in the "Brain to muscle" way. She has no sense of touch, no sense of odor, no sense of taste, she can't feel pain or muscle fatigue. The drawback of this ability is that she will simply die without her suit or she can die without even knowing it. She can breathe by herself but wouldn't feel the need of it and simply suffocate. For the same reason she doesn't blink and her eyes would dry if she didn't wear her goggles. She can't also eat, her body wouldn't feel the food and wouldn't start the digestion.

Agent 123 - Hyper-Flexability

She is hyper-flexible meaning that she is able to contort herself into awkward and strange positions only feeling a minimal discomfort if its a crazy pretzel sort of thing, otherwise its rather painless.

Agent 131 - Photo/Autographic Memory

Libellula's ability allows her to remember everything she's ever experienced since the moment of her birth. She remember's everything she's read, seen, smelled, heard, felt. EVETYTHING. But there is a catch to this ability of hers. While she can bring anything she wishes from her mind with ease, he rmind does need to refresh itself every so often.
She calls it a 'defragmentation progess'. Basically her mind, over the course of a week, wipes itself clean of all memories and she is put in a state of comatose. While in this state Her mind will automatically and slowly restore all memories and condense them, making more room in her mind for more memories. This process can take from two weeks to two months.

Agent 134 - Microscopic Vision

The ability to see things that are so small that would need a microscope to see, including but not limited to: microorganisms, splinters, bits of metal from a bullet, bone fragments left over from a broken leg.

The drawbacks to this, after about 3 minutes the wielder will get a very painful headache, after prolonged usage as using it everyday the user may go temporarily blind, from 1 hour to months depending on the usage. Gwen tries not to use it that much, but she has to then maybe for about 5 seconds.

Agent 139 - Copycat

Ability to copy other people skill within a certain radius.

Advantage: Can copy any skill within his target area (2ft around him) -the power can last for 6 hour before it disappear. -Can absorb the power by contact.

Disadvantage: Can't store in memory for future use. -no long range absorption... -cause great exhaustion. -the less use the weaker it get . -it can't copy the power 100 % -slightly uncontrollable -if the power is not suitable with his soul , it will reject and might give him inner injuries. ex:- blood coughing.

Agent 145 - Wind Pressure

Able to change wind pressure in a certain radius like say 60cm in diameter of each hand. Also able to give his ship he pilots an extra boost to get out of sticky situations.

Agent 148 - Bat's Ears

He has hearing that rival’s a bat. He can hear a conversation easily from 100 metres, and can even do a little echolocation. He can easily pick up info from other’s talking. He can get a decent picture from echoes bouncing off a surface structure, and even clucks his tongue to help him ‘see’ though this ‘sound sight’ is nowhere near as good as actual sight.

Disadvantages: If a noise is loud enough, or if there is enough white noise (a concert crowd, an airplane taking off, Fifa cup in Africa with all those incessant buzzing horn things.) then he can become disoriented. If someone were to smash a gong by his ear, he would be shocked for a little while, and barely be able to move. He can’t hear everything, and beyond 1000 metres, he has no chance of hearing something, and anything at 1000 metres wouldn’t be decipherable unless under perfect conditions. But that’s in an open field. Indoors, or in certain other terrains, his limit is 100 metres. In others, it can be as few as 10. He is also extremely vulnerable to any attack utilizing sound or hearing. Any abilities that hurt others through sound have a bigger affect on him than anyone else, and also affect him from a farther range.

Agent 150 - Organ Adaption

Agent 163 - Quakes

Morgan has the ability to create small quake in a radius of 30ft around himself (maximum). Be it earth or on water, he can cause shakes that can make his designated target a must fall. The down side to this, though, is that his body strains whenever he uses this power. For instance: If he stomps in order to create the quake, then his leg suffers pain.

Agent 188 - Kotodama aka “ {C}Soul Language” or “Spirit Speak

This ability enables the Agent to conjure an inanimate object by tapping into her body's energy and stating the object's name. Objects with mechanical functionality can be used by stating its action or onomatopoeia (sound fx). She also has slight non-verbal control over objects conjured. Such as, she can materialized a flurry of daggers and send them flying in one direction with a simple hand gesture. It should be noted that bullets, fragments, or shrapnel that is conjured and pierce/wound an individual and is embedded in their flesh has an extended "life span" due to the wounded's own energy. These will dematerialize within the usual allotted time when removed from the individual.
  1. The obvious disadvantage : Can't speak = Can't use. In other words, if she is gagged, unconscious, or voice stripped away, the power is useless.
  2. Emotional instability in battle can put agent in a frenzy, lost in the attack.
  3. Overuse drains the body of energy, when nearing depletion the body automatically shuts the outlet of the agent's energy. Further use after this point Kotodama requires more intent focusing. The attacks become progressively weaker and conjuring much harder. When energy is tapped out, agent will pass out, going into a comatose state. On rare and extreme cases, agent can push pass point of depletion - much like a berserk mode -which forces the user's biological cells to age - Permanently makes the agent age by (at most) a year
  4. The ability only works on inanimate objects, nothing living or organic, and nothing that provides subsistence.
  5. Cannot conjure anything bigger than a tank. It is possible, but exasperates 75% of the user's energy supply to do so
  6. Can summon vehicles, but requires the use of onomatopoeia to operate it. And frankly, she doesn't (only rarely and absolutely needed) because it is downright annoying. It is hard to have conversation or discuss plans when chasing baddies or running away from them when the driver is going "vroooooooooooooooooom" the entire time.
  7. Cannot conjure/use things she has never seen or anything that she does not know how it operates or its purpose. I.e, she can't suddenly conjure an alien spacecraft from the fifth planet of some solar system located in whatever quadrant of the universe; or if locked up, she cannot conjure the exact key for the cell door unless she has seen it. And seeing an object does not correlate with knowledge of it's function or purpose - she can conjure foreign machinery, but unless she knows what it does, its useless.
  8. Only has control over the objects she herself have summoned. Cannot use Kotodama on objects already in existence, such as an enemy's weapon, an ally's weapon, or a weapon she already possesses through means other than Kotodama - i.e if it were given to her by another agent.
  9. Objects summoned with mechanical functionality is only functional with her since she must speak to use it. They are physically unfunctional to anyone else.
  10. Her words is what gives the objects existence. Object with mechanical functionality degrades on a molecular level within 5 minutes of inactivity. Objects with no mechanical functionality, such as baseball bats, knives, forks, spoons, etc, degrades within a minute of being conjured.
  11. Final obvious disadvantage: Constant use over a short period of time will make her lose her voice for a few days, which leads back to disadvantage #1.

Agent 191 - Muscle Memory

The ability to be able to analyze the muscle movement of others and duplicate these actions. This occurs on two levels of memory, 'short-termed' to reproduce actions purely on sight and 'long-termed' where a maximum of four actions are able to be drawn from memory and reproduced on field. However, long-term memory requires these movements to be repeatedly reproduced (at least four times) in order to remember them.

Draw Backs: Since Muscle Memory allows the user to reproduce a muscle action perfectly without any training the muscles used are highly at risk of damage for not being trained and built up to producing said actions. This puts the user at risk to rip a muscle, pull a ligament or obtain a cramp. In addition constant stress to the muscle to a repetitive action can force a quicker lactic acid build up and muscle deterioration that would ultimately cripple the user. Hence, consistent muscle maintenance is required so that the muscles are able to take on heavy stress.

Agent 192 - Spatial Displacement

Referred to colloquially as “Jumping,” Spatial Displacement involves moving oneself (or another person, or an object) from one point in space to another near instantly. In this specific case, a ‘jump’ is made by creating localized precision wormholes.

Micheal’s ability is regulated by several implants, which monitor his brain activity, the rate at which his heart beats, and enhance or impair his ability to create wormholes.

-To move oneself from one position to another, in order to secure better cover/move about more quickly/ extract a friendly from a hostile location; in addition to himself, he can bring with him a body of mass equivalent to his own size on a single jump. -To move a stationary object, or significantly large object in motion, from one position to another, independently of himself, called a ‘Push.’ Can only move bodies of mass equivalent to half of his own when moving them on their own. -To keep on the move and disorient opponents if engaged in hand-to-hand combat using short, localized Jumps.

Limitations: Has a maximum Jump range of 1000 yards, but the strain this distance puts on his body makes him prone to heart attacks. Jumps between 700 to 900 yards produce a similair strain, but provide a degrading chance of heart attack (over shorter distances). Jumps 600 to 700 yards provide strain and fatigue similar to that of a mile’s run in average people (due to Mike’s physical fitness). Jumps made between 300 and 500 yards provide little strain on the body or mind, and cause fatigue similar to that from a light jog, while any jump below 250 yards cause no strain or fatigue.*

  • This does not hold true for repeated jumps, especially as distances starting from ten yards all the way up 200 hundred yards are the most likely to be repeated – any consistent jumping (five or more in a short time) will begin to put on strain similar to that of a brisk run, increasing expotentially every ten or some jumps. After ten jumps in a direct row, while strain and fatigue may be low, chance for heart attack is similar to that of a jump of 500 yards (an increased 43% chance over his regular likelihood to have an attack).

-The maximum distance for a Push is 100 yards; this taking about as much energy it would take to run the same distance. -Must be able to see where he is Jumping/Pushing either directly or indirectly (with his own eyes, or a photograph or camera feed), or else have a particularly distinct mental image.

Agent 194 - Masquerade

The power of transformation through masks. Like putting on a certain mask transforms the person wearing it into that thing the mask represents. The power is more passive than active. His power lies in making the masks. The transformation powers lie in the masks. The person makes a mask while thinking about a appearance. It must be a clear image in the mind or else it won’t work. They must envision all the details of the person or creature they are making while making the mask. Can only make things that are living and if making an animal they would probably have to get used to the difference in body structure. The mask can be knocked off and when that happens then the transformation ends and they revert back to their normal appearance. If the mask is made after another person it cannot copy their powers or abilities. It can copy physical prowess if that person was physical strong. He can make masks out of any materials as long as they cover the face.

Agent 195 - Ion Transfer

The ability to transfer ions between two different objects effectively giving or taking away charges. With this he can turn off/on anything as small as a toaster or a 60 metre radius block or even the human brain. It’s expressed as an electric pulsating wave from him outwards. Effectively this has caused explosions in devices when over charged.

Weaknesses: Unstable; constantly under a high charge Ion produces sparks and crackling of the air quiet commonly which can increase in voltage depending on his emotions. Happiness causes him to gain a positive charge, sadness a negative ironically. He must constantly prevent himself from laughing and has been banned from comedy movies. Ion’s body requires a certain high level of charge, falling below or ‘flopping’ (his hair flops when he lacks electricity) for a long period of time will effectively makes him very sick (he’ll start coughing blood up if its really bad). Completely drug-dependant to control his ability and sustain his body, due to the experimentations and long term usage of drugs from his previous employment, this has effectively warped his genetic structure but so far has only been expressed physically in his dark purple blood. He will be seen popping pills if his ion pulses become too strong. Attracts lightning and static electricity, but wood, rubber and other electricity resistant objects work well as insulates, hence he avoids carpets when he can.

Agent 197- Link (w/198)

- To be able to share/transfer selected type of status (speed, strength, stamina).

- No medium is needed and is activated by one’s will. - Statuses used cannot be replenished. - Forceful drainage of the other results in coma.

Agent 198 - Link (w/197)

- To be able to share/transfer selected type of status (speed, strength, stamina).

- No medium is needed and is activated by one’s will. - Statuses used cannot be replenished. - Forceful drainage of the other results in coma.

Agent 201 - Clown bubbles

The ability to blow bubbles in any shape or form. Manilla has to have some sort of liquid/substance in her mouth to blow the bubbles; they can not be made out of thin air. She can not blow bubbles out of solid material unless it can be transformed into a gum-like substance or liquid state. The time the bubble lasts once blown is dependent on the substance it's made out of. For example, a bubble made out of milk will not outlast a bubble made out of gum. Manilla may have to attempt blowing a bubble numerous times as in the process, the bubble could break and she would have to start over, or the bubble's shape is not to her content. To blow a heart bubble for example, she just has to picture what the bubble would look like in her head. She can't create bubbles that look exactly like realistic objects like an actual body unless she blows up a human body with curved edges and bloaty body parts. The maximum size of a blown bubble depends on how much air Manilla can blow into it without breaking it.
  • Dos supplies a special kind of bubble gum to Manilla; bubble gum that hardens and becomes non-adhesive after being blown. When the bubble hardens, it is able to resist from catching on fire, burning, and melting from bombing materials or any heat source. This makes Manilla able to create bomb shells out of her own creations. The gum does not break when being blown, helping Manilla to blow bubbles without the fear of popping and starting over on the bubble unless the shape of the bubble is not to her liking. The gum also helps disguise bombs on Manilla, as they would could resemble jewelry or special handmade gifts instead of actual bombs, providing an illusion of being unarmed and giving her a surprise advantage when she throws a bomb at a person.

Agent 202 - Wings/Flight

Wolfgang has giant wings that can expand and retract on command. This gives him the ability to fly, but they are very hard to control. They act with his emotions, which seem to be amplified by his power. They are very sensitive to touch, but can regrow/heal. Wolfgang's right eye is affected when his emotions are being amplified by the use of his wings by changing color according to emotion.
Known colors:

-Dark green ambition, greed, and/or jealousy. -Light blue can mean tranquility, understanding, and/or softness. -Dark blue means seriousness. -Dark purple can mean gloom and/or frustration -Light yellow means joy. -Dark orange can mean deceit and distrust. -Pink signifies romance, love, and friendship. As well as passiveness. -Dark red means anger/rage.

Agent 203 - werewolf

Similar to werewolfism, there are some differences that have sent elders into debates for decades on whether they should be considered two versions of the same or different conditions entirely. The arguments go back to origins, with genetic vs. curse beginnings (or mixtures of the two) supposedly being a large schism between the groups.

Franco can become a wolf at will, but he cannot hold any form in between. During the three days of the full moon, he will be compelled to take his wolf form from moonrise to moonset, and feel inclined to remain in it during the day as well. During these three days he is also 'contagious', able to pass his lycanthropy on by bite. As a wolf, he has all the abilities of a wolf. As a human, he has increased olfactory ability and a higher tolerance for injury. Almost wound that could kill a human could kill him, it would just take a little longer, though he has advantage in other sorts of ills.

He also has limited ability in 'hammerspace', which basically means his clothes tend to disappear to the otherlands when he transforms, and he can pluck them back again.

As far as racial weaknesses go, silver or cold (wrought) iron in amounts larger than maybe two fists can set off a negative reaction in him, and as a weapon will have extreme results (will 'burn' at contact). Being sliced or penetrated by either will paralyze him temporary. Mistletoe leaves and bundles of rye will lightly repulse him.

Agent 204 - Gravity Reset

The ability to change where the direction of the pull of gravity on her person, or any objects in contact with her. This gives her the ability to walk up walls or hang from ceiling, among other things. She can injure herself if she changes the direction too drastically (i.e to the ceiling from the ground) and crashes into whatever what may be there to support her. Also, if she changes it and there is nothing to support her, she can float off into what is basically “space”. This comes with many risks, especially when changing back to the regular gravity of the ground. She is advised by the medics to use this very little, as too much use can affect her bone density. She cannot change how great the gravitational pull is on anything including herself, and she cannot change the gravitational pull on anything but herself and objects in contact with her.

Agent 205 - Nervous Connect

Agent 205 has a higher amount of electricity in her body then the average human, so when she comes in contact with others she is able to send a small amount of electrical energy (a pulse) into them and map out their entire nervous system in her mind. She is able to do this instantly from skin to skin contact but to get through clothing she has to be trying which ends up zapping both her and the person affected. She can also use her power to knock others unconscious or on one mission a giant mechanical kangaroo by sending out a large quantity of energy but this leaves her comatose for a few days. When angered a stray spark has been seen to fly off now and again.
Disatvangages- Her power is slowly killing her, frying her from the inside out. Approxamently every other Sunday she has a 'electrical siezure' were she completly blacks outs and siezes for the day to discharge the extra energy that has accumulated for the week.

Agent 206 - Invisibility

Her ability is like a feild she puts out that manipulates light rays in the air, bending them to make herself and anyone/anything in the feild invisible. This feild is only able to extend about 15 meters out from herself with no trouble. There is also a 'time limit' she has set on herself with her ability. That time limit varies with how much she is trying to hide. If it's just herself she can go around seven hours before reciveing a headache. It's its herself and say... two outher people that time is cut to three and a half hours before her head starts to hurt. If it's the full 15 meters out from herself she can go AT MAXIMUM 45 minutes before actually collapsing. If she were to forcibly push her feild past that 15 meters it usually can last as long as her body will allow before extreme pain envelops Collettes mind and forces her into unconciousness. She has tried this before.

Agent 207 - Insomniac Sleep

Or for that matter. Lack of sleep. Little Ruth here can't sleep. She instead sleeps much like a dolphin, with one brain hemisphere resting at a time. She is able (really has no choice) to stay awake for her whole life. She has both halves rest for 4 separate hours, every day. Set backs obviously are that with one hemisphere sleeping she has to sort her tasks to work best with the left brain while the right is sleeping and vice versa. Along with this, is the fact that her brain sleeping doesn't cover her muscle fatigue so she does have to lie down when that comes over her.

She can be knocked out but won't ever pass out from fatigue instead her body might stop moving if it's too tired but she'll still be able to work her tech from her brain. Even though her eye lids can't move. To knock her out you need to deal some serious damage to her brain other wise her brain my still be functioning even if her body is not.

Agent 208 - Water Melt

One of the talents carried by his people, Kryos is able to "melt" his body down into a thin, almost water like gel, thus allowing him to move quickly through small, compact areas or large bodies of water quickly without the need to breath. However, he can only hold his form for about 5 minutes at a time, and it makes him easily susceptible to attacks and damage if he is noticed. Once hit, he loses his concentration and reverts back, the damage being visible on his whole form.

He would not be able to survive his form being broken apart without severe damage, and if the gel was to be frozen, altered into a gas, or overall tampered with, he would perish. Though due to the thickness, it could be used as a potential weapon, allowing for the chance of suffocation if the face was to be covered, or if the gel was taken into the nose, or throat.

Agent 209 - Automation

Being an android, Aida doesn’t have any “meta-human” like abilities. However, being an android, she’s somewhat resistant to damage, is a bit stronger than a normal human, can’t become fatigued, or succumb to hunger or thirst like a normal human would.

However there are a few drawbacks to being an android for her. She can't move very fast; she can't really run and if she's dropped into large bodies of water with very steep walls, she may not short circuit (if she doesn't open her mouth an let water in), but she will be unable to swim out due to her own weight. If she ingests any food or liquid, she will short circuit. If she becomes over heated, she will spout random information and eventually shut down.

Agent 210 - Metal Molding

She can shape and warp metal like one would shape clay, play-doh or bubble gum. Since she's so young and lacks the finess of adults, she finds it hard to use her ability usefully but likes to help out anyway she can.

Agent 211 - Switch

-Can touch one thing and touch another and switch them, can range from physical objects to even consciousness This power uses the user’s physical energy and is taxes the body depending on the size and complexity of the object, switching a screw and a hammer uses much less energy than switching an elephant with a horse. He has to physically touch items to get them to switch, but if he puts enough effort he can switch a piece of cloth in his hand with a screw on the floor, by using his free hand to touch the floor, concentrating on the screw.

-Cons: Taxes his body, excessive use can make his body go into a semi coma to supplies its energy supplies or make his powers go insane so that if he touches anything it will trade places with air, skin cells or anything else tiny on his other hand which is very painful for him. After long periods of using his abilities, his heart rate increases very fastly and if it gets out of control without using up all of his energy his heart will eventually have a Supraventricular tachycardia. -A small con is that he has to switch the whole part of the object if he can not determine where it ends or where it stops, as taking a piece of metal that has been weilded perfectly together.

Agent 212 - Werewolf

Able to turn into a wolf and a half wolf form; though forcibly on the full moon, his powers also increase physical strength as a human (hence the bulk) and he is also able to make only his claws grow on command. His nails grow faster than a normal person's making it hard for him to keep a manicure. His keen sense of smell can also backfire on him when someone brings a foul smell item too close. Despite being fast, his bulk means he can’t always turn well. Mostly because he bashes into wall corners. There are also the weaknesses of mistletoe and wolfbane, common to most werewolves. He’s also particularly vulnerable to having his head chopped off or his heart impaled. After all, he’s not immortal. Silver does not hurt him on his own, but if fashioned into a weapon it can do damage. A silver knife can cut deeper and more effectively than a plain old steel knife. But by ‘deeper’ i only mean that normal knives do less damage on him than a normal person. A silver knife will hurt him within the same perimeters that they would have if used on a normal person.

Agent 213 - Luck Manipulation

She has the ability to manipulate a person's luck. A person is naturally born in the 50:50 zone of luck, average, normal. Depending on a person's choices in life, their luck fluctuates. A lucky person wins the lottery, and unlucky person gets hit by a car and survives, an even unluckier person gets hit by a car and dies. Scarlett steals people's luck through her hands, through touch. Depending on how long she touches them, they could be as unlucky as to trip and fall, or die a seemingly accidental death. The only way she gives people the luck she steals is through a kiss. The more luck she takes, the longer the kiss.

The luck she steals has no affect on her personally.

Agent 214 - Virtual Reality

Lillian’s ability allows her to switch objects between the virtual world and reality. This allows her not only to be assisted in her hacking skills by actually placing a weapon or even a person into the virtual world to assist her in attacking and defending against virtual obstacles and such, but this ability also comes with many setbacks. The most common setback is energy depletion. The more she changes the characteristics of something when she moves it from one world to another, the more energy it takes. Also, the more objects she transfers takes more energy. She can transfer people into the virtual world, but if her computer is to shut down while a person is inside, it can erase or kill them. Also, things that happen in one world can affect the way an object is when it returns. The energy depletion lessens with more practice of the ability, and building one’s stamina. Lillian can also place herself into the virtual world, but she hasn’t since her accident years ago.

Agent 215 - Speed Rotation

She has the power of Super Rotation which makes her able to spin with high speeds which can cause a vortex and suck her opponents into her blade. However, it takes a lot of momentum to start and stop which during these times leaves her wide open for attacks. It also drains her energy and must rest before doing it Doing it twice in a row will make her strain her body and will send her to the medical bay for days even weeks.

Agent 216 - Steam Arm

-His left arm possesses more strength and speed than that of a normal human's arm, as it is entirely mechanized

-Rem can affix any of his fancy steam-powered gadgets to his arm, including dart launchers, and his ever-present screwdriver -The arm can siphon heat from any conductive material, cooling or freezing it. It also can release excess heat by releasing scalding steam, but this also decreases the water supply and pressure in his arm. Drawbacks: -His arm doesn't work in extreme hot or extreme cold due to the state of the water inside it being stuck in one form or another. -Without something at least moderately conductive, such as organic matter, Rem has no power source for his arm, and it will stop working when he runs out of heat -The arm is prone to breaking down, so Rem frequently has to repair it, and sometimes he doesn't have the spare parts he needs.

Agent 217 - None

Agent 220 - Healing Pelage

Every little bit of hair on Charlene’s body has a healing touch. Meaning that when a wound is wrapped with it, it will heal, no matter the dept or size.

This ability is rather precise, meaning that when the hair touches a wound it will heal, turn the wound back to when it wasn’t damaged, but this also means that when someone has, let’s say a ripped stomach, that they will need to cut the person open before Charlene’s hair can heal it. Since her hair has to touch the actual wound. This also means that when the hair is covered with blood from someone else (or with mud or something), that it won’t heal until her hair is washed, since it would mean there is a layer of blood between her hair and the new wound.

Her hair also feels, which means that when you cut it, it will hurt. It would be like clipping through an actual nerve. It’s also a reason why Charlene has never cut her hair out of own wanting. Her hair also does not fall out, on an average a human loses around 80 hairs a day, but for Charlene is this zero. This also means that she also does not gain new hair. It only grows. So if she gets in a fight or something alike and the opponent rips out a strand of hair, it will not return what so ever.

>> Charlene is able to control the healing of her hair, so she can refuse to heal a wound with her hair.

Wright - His Powers are known to control Ice and water.

Connie - No known powers Fallen Heros:

04 (ex) - Phychic Shield

45 – Air Pressure

94 - Stop Motion

-can stop anything in motion within a 50 meter radius for 5 seconds -rest after every use is recommended -over use of his ability can be fatal

Inactive Agents~

24 - Storage of Mass

Able to store large amounts of material within his body. Nutrients can also be absorbed using this ability. Bodily contact is all that is necessary to facilitate optimal storage and absorption, otherwise object must be within two inches and will be absorbed at a considerably slower rate. Limit of maximum storage space rises with practice.

-Note: Storage of living organic material leaves subject nauseous and results in almost immediate release of disagreeable material. Further tests are not recommended.

25 - Precise Muscular Control

Ezekiel’s ability allows him significantly more conscious control over his muscles than a normal person. For example, if he wants to move his arm 30.14 degrees to the right, then he can and will move his arm exactly 30.14 degrees to the right. He also would be able to lock that arm into position—the arm wouldn’t move, twitch, shake, or tremble at all.

His almost robotic control of his body allows Zeke to rapidly aim and fire upon his intended targets without having to worry about much his accuracy. For him, it’s simply, “see-point-shoot.” The barrel of his rifle is always aiming at exactly the spot he wants it to aim at.

For long-distance shots, Ezekiel’s ability also comes in handy in that it allows him to will himself to absolute stillness. Normal snipers have to worry about regulating their breathing and keeping themselves from shaking and throwing off their shots. Ezekiel, however, doesn’t, which lets him fire his rifle as though it were attached to a fixed point on the earth. Because of his unnatural stillness and enhanced aiming ability, he has a higher rate-of-fire for long-distance shots than any normal sniper, as well as a significantly longer range.

It should be noted that Zeke’s muscular control gives him neither increased strength nor increased reflexes. He can only control the strength he already has, and as his ability must be consciously used, he cannot react faster than his mind can process information.

39 - Density Control

She can change the density of her body and pieces of her own flesh that are separated but kept alive. She has developed with the scientists a sistem to have control over bullets and diverse projectiles filled with tiny bites of her flesh. This is highly helpful to keep projectiles in track and also to place herself in a variety of places that are usually impossible for human beigns.

She can make herself light as helium to jump and move faster, or climb. She can place herself on top of something, became hevy as hell and smash it.

50 - Synapse Overdrive

By combining her knowledge of the mind with her power over the nerves in the body, Anne can temporarily control the sensitivity of (a) certain area(or areas) of nerves in the body with the touch of her finger. This can be used in a variety of ways. If the nerves' sensitivities around the cardiovascular valve are amplified, the victim begins to feel as if they're suffering from a heart attack, and in those with previously existing medical problems in that area, it may actually turn into the real thing.

Anne's power can also be used to create patterns through which a set of nerves continuously pulse to create a feeling of hallucination on the subject, much like what is experienced when on a drug such as LSD. Anne can use her power on herself, but there is the danger of the effects lasting forever-until she falls asleep, passes out, or dies, that is.

56 - Camouflage

60 - Infra heat vision

65 - Medium

can speak to the dead (ghosts) and see them, but only the dead that appear to her.

65 - Levitation

Limited flight in the form of shallow floating and gliding.

67 - Summoner

Alex was gifted the the ability to conjure beings from other worlds and dimensions. However Alex sees this gift as more of a "f----ing what the h-ll f--k sh--y s--t power" due to the fact she can only summon one creature at a time and never has any control of what she summons. And to add injury to insult everything she summons doesnt speak English, and almost every creature is from a different world than the other so Alex has no clue what to say to make them do things. Sometimes she will get lucky and get a creature that understands her, but it will either be ill suited for the situation or wont respect her since she is a not a big burly man mountain(apparently most summoners are).

75 - Cadaver switch

Chaton 'switches' the surface looks of himself and a nearby cadaver. Any injuries to the actual Cadaver will show up on the 'mask' of himself that is placed on the cadaver. The user will look as he looks, covered by a thin mask that causes him to look like the cadaver had alive. Does not modify speech, actual height, actual weight, or anything else. It purely causes a visual affect. A larger or smaller cadaver than Chaton will not change size to cover him properly. Larger = extra space between contact. Smaller = less space than the image looks to give.

83 - Speed Running

100 - Minimize

Ability to shrink only the user's human body and inanimate objects. Can only enlarge objects to their original size.

Drawbacks: Power can only be used ten times per day. If used more, objects and user will remain in the shrunk state permanently with no chance of enlargement.

Clothing and user constitute one usage, as well as any other group-age of items (IE: Gun+bullets = 1, bag of items = 1, etc) Shrinking animate objects (people, animals, etc) is one use per day - as it depletes her energy.

101- X-Ray Vision

110 - Ventriloquism

The art of being able to project ones voice. Though this sounds like a simple art Mel's ability is a step beyond the average. Mel can manipulate the lower voice frequencies that are harder for the human ear to concentrate on. Because she is able to do this Mel can create a disembodied voice that can seem as close as a whisper to your ear. This can have it's advantages as it confuses or distracts the enemy.With her being able to control her voice frequencies she can break through the various sounds on the field. Often when she uses a lower frequency the target may think he is hearing the voice in his head, however he isn't. With a low frequencies his or her subconscious repeats the words heard providing the illusion that Mel is speaking telepathically but Mel only uses this on the rare occasions. Why? Because the lower the frequencies the more damage it does to her own voice and control. However she is unable to control or manipulate anyone with this technique. She could possibly influence a thought pattern but Mel never tries. Mainly because this ability only works when the target is within ear shot and in order to organize a thought pattern it takes time. However if there was something to enhance the range of her voice, say an echo or megaphone the target can be a bit further away.

113 - Code Breaker

His mind is able to instantly make sense of and decode any written code. This includes codes such as Binary, written morse, written languages, DNA, etc.

115 - Chlorokinesis

The ability to mentally manipulate plants. This means she can instantly speed up their growth, control how tall they grow and how many leaves/branches they sprout, their thickness, their roots, etc. She can also communicate with them to see their "memories", or basically scenes/events that the plant witnessed. This can be done simply by being in contact with the plant; for example, touching its leaf or petal. She is unable to manipulate dead plants (the roots of the plant are completely destroyed).

120 - Super Strength

She's strong enough to pick up and throw cars, but nothing too big like buildings and such. Her ability tires her out so she needs to drink a lot of coffee to keep her energized or else she'll fall asleep in the middle of doing anything

124 - Dangerous Metal Detector

[Can detect dangerous metals around 6 meters of him and tame it within second without touching it using his psychic ability *that only can be used to tame dangerous metals*] Only usable for several time taming and it will drain his energy very much.

122 - Re-charge

Is the abilty to use her own bio-electrical energy to power electricial and mechanical appilance for around 3 minutes at a time, so she can run a program telling her what the fault in the machine is. But she can't use this to power for either multiply appliances (around 4-5 standard apilances worth or 15 minutes) or large appliances without draining her own energy drastically.

141 - Fire control

He calls it fire control, he can control the fire around him and uses lighters and flares to create the fires he needs. He can also attatch it to his arms legs and other ligiments without burning himself and punch the living daylights out of somone. But when he's mad any fire around him flares up with his anger. So i's best not to get him mad.

150 - Wall-climbing

Lets her kind of walk on walls. Not just like walking...more like doing long wallruns and the like. And when she jumps on a surface other than the ground, she can stay in that position for aout 5 seconds. :I

160/161 - Telecommunication

Hiakri and Kuroi can communicate with each other mentally. They can share audio, visual and thoughts with each other. This power only works between the two of them.

Kuroi works as a spy and infiltrates, sending information back to his brother who either stays back with the group or at the base who then distributes it to his peers. They use their power almost constantly, rarely speaking to each other out loud unless they want someone to hear their rude comments and/or opinions.

181 - Anesthesia

He has the ability to numb pain upon skin contact, like anesthesia. The longer contact is maintained, the more effective the anesthesia is. In those cases the person he is touching gets knocked out. His power is always in effect, so anyone who touches him will begin to feel numb, whether he wants it or not. The power only takes effect on someone if it is skin contact.

203 - Immemorialibility

The ability to be forgotten. User can make multiple people forget who she is and what she has done at will. If victim of ability has very strong emotional attachment to the memory, then victim may regain memory