A-gents Wiki

Every Agent should be capable to do each of these things assigned to their classes. As for trainees, they should be praciticing those that fit their class so they can become full pledged Agents.


  • Morse code.
  • Being able to follow order from a superior.
  • Being able to handle blood and being able to still think clear/straight by the sight/smell of it.
  • First aid
  • Basic self defense.
  • Knowing how to work with the glasses.
  • Basic control over own powers.


  • Knowledge over vital body parts.
  • Weapons (being able to turn anything into a weapon, like using a pencil to kill someone).
  • Types of poison (basic knowledge).
  • Study and theory before practice.
  • Control over Parkour/Free running.


  • Knowledge of the human skeleton (to know where all the joints are to immobilize someone quickly by kicking their weak points).
  • Martial arts etc. (Combat).

Fire Bombers:

  • Being able to work with materials and shape them into a bomb (even if they are stuff you find in a kitchen).
  • Knowing how to scan a building and to recognize damage and strength).
  • Able to read blue prints or to draw them (as for maps).
  • Fire safety.
  • Material knowledge (knowing at what temperature metals will melt at).
  • Knowing how to disarm/rearm bombs.
  • How to climb buildings and walls for scaling and placing bombs.


  • Full knowledge on the glasses, knowing how to work and fix glasses if it’s required.
  • Full knowledge on programming, coding and hacking.
  • Being able to type at top speed + blind.


  • Knowing how to make/read a blueprint.
  • Basic capabilities for designing.
  • Full knowledge on materials/vehicles.


  • Full knowledge on diseases and how to identify them.
  • Need to be able to diagnose wounds and how to treat/stitch them.
  • Being able to fill out prescriptions properly.
  • Full control over surgeries (test robots for trials and observations while a qualified medic does it’s work).


  • Geography.
  • Recognizing important landmarks.
  • Technical knowledge over vehicles (so they can fix small things easily without the help of a mechanic).
  • Control of balance + motion sickness.
  • Knowing how to drive cars, motors, aircrafts etc. and how they work (Full control, so they should be capable of avoiding a meteor as well as knowing how to read the meters).
  • Full control of parachutes.


  • Chemical and material knowledge.
  • Basic procedures when something goes wrong.
  • Basic design capabilities.
  • Being able to understand scientific terms.
  • Being able to read requests/blue prints.


  • Understand terrain.
  • How wind effects bullet velocity.
  • Hide spots knowledge.
  • Being able to sit still for hours (meditation) and being steady.


  • Different memory techniques: Loci technique, association technique, story technique, numerical coding etc.
  • Basic acting.
  • Lip reading.