A-gents Wiki

Name: Newton McCoy (or Newt for short)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ability: Fast-forward - Allows the user to complete an action within a very short amount of time (examples: repairing, eating, reading, writing, etc.). However, there are certain actions that won't have any effect (examples: Cooking, sleeping, driving, etc.). In addition, the energy is drained from the user’s body when used (which caused the user to become very tired once the energy is depleted).

He is usually known as a "Shota" despite his 14 years of age.

Personality: Don't be fooled by his "laziness". The reason he usually sleeps in most hours is because of the fact that he needs to recharge his energy. He is actually a hard-worker whenever he chews his gum (he even chews it when asleep) and isn't offended by others (unless someone calls him a hillbilly). He is quite skilled at repairing things and very interested in modern technology, he does accidentally talk in a strange way whenever he's 'too' happy. Despite the fact that he had a strong love for air vehicles (and always dreamed of driving/riding one), he can never actually get on one (because of his fear of heights). If anyone asked how his job is, he would sarcastically respond to them how great it is. It’s not like he hates it with a burning passion, it’s just the simple fact that he had to wear "pink" glasses.

Bio: He was borne in Scotland, but his family moved to America. Because there wasn't a school in the area he lives, he was home schooled by his mother. In addition, he only made friends with the barn animals (because he doesn’t go out that much). The only time he would leave his home would be going to the festivals. There were a long line of farmers in his heritage, and as an only child, Newton was supposed to continue the tradition. The only problem was the fact that he wasn't interested to become one. Sure, he'll help out with his parents, but he had no desire to become a Farmer and have a boring life. He was only amazed on how electronics and machine works. From disassembling and reassembling a clock to secretly repairing his father's tractor, using his father's tools, yet he never realized how fast he worked. Moreover, he even added something that made it better than before. He did become tired and sleepy in the end, but he never realized his ‘fast-forward’ powers. His father was clueless of his son's knowledge as he was mostly focused on his crops and the animals.

However, he came to realize this power until the day of a festival. While his family was showing off their produce, he found out that there was a competition going on. Because he was eligible to drive a tractor, he entered the competition. There was a ‘tractor competition’. Unfortunately for him, he received the dysfunctional one. But he was in luck; there were tools in the shed nearby him. As most people did not notice this, he unnoticeably used his ‘fast-forward’ ability. He ran to the shed and back and 'quickly' fixed the tractor, making it far better than the rest. However, his energy was mostly depleted by the time he finished it. As he got on, and the race starts, he passed the other tractors, declaring his victory. By the time he made it to the finished line, he then collapsed when he got off. After a few hours, he founded himself in the hospital, surrounded by his family, some of his friends, and someone in a lab coat. He never really never who he was, but this guy offered him some job. The job however would probably change his life. But because he was only half awake so he agreed without thinking. His parents however, only misunderstood about this and thought that Newton was invited to some ‘boarding school’ and they didn’t mind for him to come (although his father was a bit hesitant). Before Newt even realized, he was shipped off to some strange place he didn’t even know. And it was even creepier for that person to say his full name. However, he felt a sudden burst of excitement in his heart, or so he thought…