A-gents Wiki

A leader, and a lover.

Agent 01 (Uno) is the leader of the organization. His misterious figure is well loved by his subordinates, but since his powers are still unknown and his abilities have never been shown, several rumours regarding him run around the HQ; mainly since he appears to be the only reason Ryonell hasn't attacked directly.

Called 'Father', 'Papa' and 'Dad' by other Agents that were recruited and/or saved by him, Uno is not very fond of paperwork, so he is mostly seen teaching the trainees or visiting the Agents that are injured in the Medbay, acting very much like a father like figure, the only one that many have.

Currently, he has a publicly acknowledged romance with Agent 02 (Dos), and they just recently married in Spain, March 17 of 2011.

Also, a blood test made after his last stay in the Medibay, has proven that he is actually Agent 04 (Cuatro)'s biological father.

  • Loves Reptiles.
  • Has a very unique and sexy way to smirk.
  • His age is unknown.
  • Takes the longest missions.
  • Has been the leader for 20 years.

He uses to give nicknames to his 'kids':

  • Agent 42: Posh.
  • Agent 51: Pepper.
  • Agent 53: Pata
  • Agent 66: Prankster.
  • Agent 83: Pocket.
  • Agent 107: Panther
  • Agent 108: Purple.
  • Agent 114: Pastel.
  • Agent 123: Par.
  • Agent 136: Plume
  • Agent 140: Paper.