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Whatever you do don't piss her off, revenge is a dish best served by 140.

Current Rank: 50 a.k.a Cincuenta

Previous Rank: 140 a.k.a ciento cuarenta

Name: Adelaide ‘Del’ Young

Nickname(s): Del, Addy, Blue

Age: 20 years

D.O.B: 17 September 1990

Weight: 55 kg

Height: 178 cm

Hair: Red

Eyes: Red

Blood Types: A+

Orientation: Heterosexual

Weapons: Writing materials

Class: Assassin

Partner: NA

Ability: Talisman Manipulation - the ability to write a short command on something and attach it to the victim to carry out the command; being unable to complete said command keeps them in a loop of continuing the command Weaknesses: Removal of the command terminates it; the command cannot be long, complex, misspelt, or baring a double entendre; the command to kill oneself is ineffective as it goes against basic instinct, death must be effective by leading the victim to it through other commands (e.g. command ‘stay still’ that’s stuck on a person crossing the road)

bulletred: Personality: Del is often seen as the spunky little youngest sibling, even though she happens to be older or higher ranked than a few of her associates. She’s clumsy, rough, stubborn, loud, childish and quick tempered but not without a good heart and strong sense of compassion (which others criticised her for as an assassin). Although without this type of personality, it is obvious that her Talisman Manipulation abilities would have become catastrophic.

She likes to see the good in all people, tries to ignore the bad since she believes most of this is caused by a pain in their past. She often makes it her mission to befriends all people and that doesn't stop with people that reject her, especially when they're alone; hence a lot of the people she is close to are often not very much liked by others. With the constant need of entertainment and her naturally overly energetic determination, she has often gotten the blame for many pranks, usually because she got bored or angry. To be fair many are accidental too but it's not helped when she never asks for permission and once she has her eyes on something she gets it (which can lead to a lot of pick pocketing and trespassing). Unfortunately, Del is commonly mistaken for a boy because of her thin frame, lack of grace and gender specific personality traits, of which, the agency abuses for undercover missions even if she only wants to be treated like a girl once in a while. She is notably opinionated about anything and especially relationships (friends, family, loyalty, love etc.) and tends to talk about these issues without thinking, often with a keen insight, not that she seems to recognise this. After her promotion to Agent 50 though, she has since gained a new appreciation of superiors and order, after all you don't get a promotion without getting all the paperwork with it too. Guess the superiors figured keeping her busy kept her from causing destruction too.

Though when push comes to shove, on a mission or when someone she cares for is in danger she kicks into action and has even approached with an air of command, mimicking her master Ex-Tres (Hanz), when one no one has taken the lead role. Hence, she is very protective of people and has been noted to be self sacrificing to save anyone.

- She habitually pulls hides her face when she's upset, mainly because she doesn't want to worry others or scare others when she's angry.

- Tends to take her anger out on her room or the dojo when angry.

- Breaks things a lot from being clumsy, but you know duck tape fixes everything *shrugs*

- Knows a LOT of paper magic.

- Best investor of office supplies around!

Relationships: Del see Agents like a BIG family considering she’d never had a proper one when young aside from her 'Brother'. Some particular agents she’s close to are

- Agent 41 (Luisa D.) 50’s view’s Luisa like her sister, although it started off as 50 trying to prove that friends were not a hindrance eventually she became close with 41 . She’s very very protective over 41 and tends to act a little sour to 74 (calling him 'woose') at times because she doesn’t like sharing her. She tends to try and spoil Luisa and act like the younger child and the advising older sister at the same time since she melts easily at whatever Luisa asks her to do.

- Agent 66 (Lauren Wesley) 50 calls 66 ‘brother’ very openly, even though their relationship started off through a series of mental torture for 50 with 66 constantly harassing her and creeping her the hell out. Eventually 66 took all her frustrations with him and LET her punch him square in the jaw and she didn’t take his presence to be harassment anymore. Although in retrospective she didn’t seemed to linger far from him for some reason. They became close eventually and at one point when waking from unconsciousness due to great wounds she saw a blurry 66 and called out ‘brother’ without meaning too. 50 now treats 66 exactly like a little sister would, which also includes being annoying, brutish and of course being the pesky little voice that tries to point out the good things about him when others don't see it. Although 66 doesn't seem to outwardly show he cares often 50 is fine with the small things he does for her, even though one of them involves catching her and dragging her sorry butt back to med bay when she escapes. Unfortunately they get VERY violent when sparing.

- Agent 52 (Artemis Belle) They don’t come into contact often but 50 does recoil to become very childish around her. She likes 52 very much but disobeys her like a rebellious child.

- Agent 60 (Ainsley Ferguson) again another rocky start, 50 tried to be friend 60 and was shot down too many times and as a result she got angry and wrote ‘have a heart’ on his back causing mayhem to run throughout the agency till eventually it was removed. She swore she’d die since her note discovered 60's all too free belief in wanting to have those on missions with him killed (of which she had been on more than one). However, he actually saved her from Connie (Agent 201) who figured it out and choked her. There after he was wounded and she gave him company trying to make it up to him, he eventually told her he thought of her as a 'daughter' and constantly called her 'Mo Phaiste'. Having not had much parental figures in her life she enjoyed hearing that, in fact she felt quite safe around the older Agent who's calmness and logic seemed to be very wise, even if they lacked a bit of emotional consideration. He allowed her to call him by his first name and has proven to act like a very protective father around her, and likewise she has tried her best to remain a good daughter to him and is constantly worried about him since he seems to attract too many problems since few people seem to understand his way of thinking. However, after finding a incident where he betrayed his fellow agents for the sake of Alice more than a few times, 50 snapped and stabbed 60 with 'don't be effected by alice', breaking her hold over him (see 60's page), he reacted well to it and their father daughter relationship got closer, eventually leading to her tatooing it across his neck. Although 50 has since been affraid to use her abilities in front of him since he is constantly accusing her as being something like Alice, a manipulator and monster, yet confusingly loves her at the same time.

- Agent 43 (Jane Hart) another very close friend, she looks up to 43 and admires her as something to aim for as a genuinely good people person and sees her as the mature older sister. Together and with 66 the three have a ongoing joke about ‘Defenders of the tyranny of evil angst’ since they seem to deal with a lot of emotional issues from the other agents and gave themselves secret code names, Jane (43), Blue (50) and Gin (66).

- Agent 137 (Lio) calls 50 'Ms. Beedrill' and likewise she sometimes called 'Kitty'; Lio and 50 tend to get really rough around each other, pulling pranks or simply just wailing on each other. You could say they've something of a sibling rivalry between them, since even though they fight they seemed to look out for each other. Lio is probably one of the few people 50 would go all out when sparing with him since he's probably also one of the few that can keep up with her flighty fight style.

- Agent 42 (Oxana S.) and 50 have a quere sort of relationship mainly because they are very different people with all the same loved ones linked to each other. Though 50 admires and looks up to the charming Oxana like a big sister she has never been quiet close to her, nor for the matter was she happy that 66 and 42 had broken up leaving violent consequences from the love triangle 42, 66 and 137 of which 50 felt obliged to help with. Although Oxana is one of the few people that 50 would trust to talk with about a certain amount of information they have both possessed and is probably the only one that understands the pressure of such information.

- Agent 54 (Bianchi Arcelli) it started off as a cold relationship, 50 thought he was a complete snob and hated her because she was so far below him in rank and competence from anything to eating and general grace to missions. They were in fact opposites but eventually they became friends, turned out they had common ground with art. Eventually 50 became very protective over him, especially on missions and even began to train him to protect himself. Turned out she got a crush on him but she believes she’s too out of his league. She eventually found out he had mixed feelings about a certain enemy, although this hadn't stopped her from confessing to him eventually that she liked him, this ultimately went down very wrong and ended up hurting the both of them from simple miss communication. 54 firmly believes they're amico's and treats her as a sister really.

- Agent 39 (Collin Walker) the unfortunate person who suffered a punch to the face when he stole her first kiss (SHE REMEMBERS) even though he is gay/bi?. She loves Collin for his gentleness and seems to prefer to be around him if she’s hurt since he makes her feel very calm just with his presence. Together with Agent 54 they have come to be known as the three 'amicos' and tend to be very close and open with each other.

- Agent 97 (Isabel "Izzy" Kaldas): Someone that calls 50 'Aunty' despite being older than her, 50 loves the playful innocence around 97 and finds it amusing at times how naive she can be. She does think though at times this can be dangerous on missions but otherwise she loves 97.

-Agent 74 (Thomas Flannery): Definitely the bitter rivallry of a unwilling friend to hand over Luisa (agent 41) and a jealous boy friend. 50 calls him 'woose', and 74 calls her 'goggle head' and well they fight like cats and dogs. This doesn't mean, not that she'll ever say it out loud, that she doesn't admire him. Thomas has surprised her more than a few times on how caring and surprisingly insightful and encouraging he can be, and she gives him great credit for never really giving up on Agent 41, after all the trouble she gives him. She trusts that 74 will treate 41 right even if he needs a bit of growing up to do. On one missing against Enyo she was willing to die for him and Agent 97 and only ever called him 'Thomas' when she was worried for him.

- Agent 75 (Canton T. Varr): Someone that was originally scared of her, she likes 75 around since he is brave, although slightly disrespectful to superiors.

- Agent 148 (Adam Cavul): 50 treats 148 like her first true little brother in Agents and often plays games with him or shares origami or stories/comics where she can with him. She loves him around since he's really a gentle sweet person in her eyes who just needs a bit of a positive nudge.

- Agent 53 (Chantes): 50 feels if anyone was the big strong sister she can depend on its Chantes, someone who often hugs her or carries her around and gives her great advice. She worries constantly for Agent 53 though and tries to protect her where she can since she knows 53 had a rough childhood and tends to care for others before thinking about herself (and usually over works doing this). Chantes seems to have the effect of calming 50 when she's angry or upset even if sometimes it may require her paralysing the silly little red head at times.

History: Del’s abilities are hereditary from her father’s clan, although her powers were not as pronounced as her families who could manipulate people through spoken word. Her father, the protégée, even could do without speaking. Although the family was secretive for many decades, her father was the first to come out openly and use his abilities for good, and even more disrespectfully married without consent to a cop. Unfortunately that landed himself and his wife dead when Del was young, her paternal grandparents took her in, and were disappointed thinking she had no ability. After she ran away, she found her “brother” (a boy off the street) who discovered her abilities and they promised to protect each other. They lived off pick pocketing off the streets, thieving for cash and stealing from cashiers, which lead her to hone her abilities and fight style. Some years later they became separated due to an unfortunate incident whilst on one of their hists when she was 13, they were intercepted by the FBI acting as if they were highly dangerous armed robbers. The FBI being interested in the daughter of the man they knew through her mother (who wouldn't be interested in a child who could even command a person to speak their secrets) and someone had tipped them off... Del's 'brother' got her to escape from the building whilst he covered their tracks. After leaving the building it exploded, leaving no evidence of them being there or her brother escaping. Attempting to save her brother she ran into the burning wreck but she was stopped by Uno who concealed her from the FBI. Apparently, due to her father's suspicious success with the authorities her families secret wasn't so secret anymore. Del still believes her brother is still alive and hopes to find him whilst taking refuge in the Agents who have raised her since.

However, at one point she confessed to 54 that she was a very angry child when they brought her to Agents, due to the loss of her brother which made her snap into something savage. Though she was intended to be a brawler she killed a target on a mission rather easily and was switched to an assassin under the care of Tres who broke her anger. She has trained intensely since and hasn’t shown much of this savageness since save for very sharp cold glances in her eyes when 41 was nearly killed once. It makes one wonder what would happen if those important to her were killed again, although this has shown already to have come around when agent 54 was kidnapped by the Enemy Koh. Agent 50 and 41 planned and captured Koh's partner Morkeal that tortured Agent 54 admittedly and Agent 50 proved to be very violent in her interrogation of him.

Random facts:

- Kissing drunk type

-Calls her abilities ‘mojo’ and ‘specialty’

- loves high places and great speeds, so if she can afford not to (i.e. non mission related business) it’s very rare to see her staying still for long

- Love chilli food (keeps a hot sauce on her) and takes her coffee with one can of condensed milk, but can’t cook herself.

- For some reason always ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time, particularly between lovers (even walked in on 01 and 02 during an ‘intimate’ moment). This isn’t quiet a good thing since she’s still pretty innocent about ‘adulty stuff’ as she puts it and blushes uncontrollably.

-Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdFOemP1dR0