A-gents Wiki

"Timber Mac"

Name: "Timber Mac" Marcus Albert Crowshaw

Number: 150 (Ciento Cincuenta)

Class: Scientist

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: June 20, 1981

Bloodtype: O

Sexual Orientation: Unknown

Nationality: American (Scottish, Danish, Dutch, Hawaiian)


Welcome to AGENTS, where the cowboys have theme songs in the hallway.

Music can be heard from the common rooms, through the hallways, to the kitchen. It is the sound of the West and it knows no mercy. The sound of the West will touch every heart and every mind, friend or foe. The Wild West cannot be silenced, it cannot be ignored. Wherever there is an open field, the West is there also. Wherever an eagle soars, the West soars with it. And wherever there is a cowboy, the West is living in his heart.
It just so happens that there is a cowboy in AGENTS and in turn the West can be heard, singing from his heart (or at least from the speakers in his saddlebag). On the back of a white beauty he rides through the hallway slowly, perhaps weary from his travels. His eyes are keen, sharp like those of an eagle, as though he has seen much and more to come. His revolvers rest in their holsters, though a wise man should know and a fool should discover they can be drawn faster than any folk can blink. He wears his uniform as proudly as he carries the weight of his number. He is a cowboy. He is a scientist. He is AGENT 150.